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We have a different approach, so we do 3D visits and improved photos, as well we try to give maximum details and information. Besides, our agents can help you to check your financial capacity and organize the best loan conditions for you. Moreover, our agents can help you find other properties online immediately. In this way, you can avoid wasting a lot of time and find the property of your dreams.

Do you want to sell? How to determine the best selling price?

Too high and you might not sell. Too low and you are losing a lot of money. We compare 3 independent methods and add our own valuation based on our personal inspection. This allows us to determine the best price, which is the price that optimizes your sale while being realistic.

It is possible that some agencies may advise you to set a price that is too low (to sell without too much hassle) or too high (to get the job even if they know the price is not realistic). Nextimmo's primary interest is to ensure a quick sale at the best price, regardless of the agency's efforts. So you can be sure that we will always act in your best interest.

Are you convinced that NEXTIMMO is working in your best interest?

You will benefit from our better advertising packages on the biggest real estate platforms, meaning you will have more visibility and better photos. Besides, thanks to our 3D online viewings, you won't have to clean your apartment every time a visitor comes, since we always make the visits online. Such is due to the fact that we are more digital than our contenders.

Finding a real estate loan has never been easier!

Explore the highest amount you can lend with Nextimmo. Our agents will perform an evaluation of your financial situation. We can immediately provide you with a preliminary estimate of your mortgage, borrowing capacity, monthly payments, interest rate and fees.

This allows us to determine the amount you can borrow and your maximum budget. Show your financial check at your visits. Show that you are able to borrow and buy a new house.

Due to the many different services you will profit with Nextimmo!

What does Nextimmo offer that the other agencies don't?

Unlike other service providers, Nextimmo offers several unique services. 3D viewings with beautiful, quality photos are proven to increase the value of properties by 5% over market price.

The technology we have developed allows you, the seller, to track the progress of the sale and see how it is progressing.

For example, you can use our home staging service to increase the value of your property. We can also sell the home out-of-market, so your neighbor doesn't know this information. In addition, we will give you an energy passport and clean your house or an apartment for free. Plus, we can guarantee you an initial offer within 30 days. With Nextimmo, you can sell your house more effectively.

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Start your search with a professional local representative - no pressure or obligation. Our agents speak multiple languages, including Luxembourgish, French, German, English, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese and Arabic. Moreover, our employees are trained and certified by the company for providing you with the best possible service and guidance. Do not hesitate to contact us and start cooperating.

13, rue de Strasbourg

L-2561 Luxembourg

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