Buying with Nextimmo

Buying a property with Nextimmo is a structured and smooth process. Finding a property that perfectly matches your criteria can be a complicated mission! At Nextimmo, we simplify this search process and guide you to ensure your buying experience is enjoyable.

How it works? is a quality platform that allows you to search for properties with ease. The site is user-friendly and quickly provides results matching your criteria.

When you find a property of interest in the search list, click on the chosen property. The property's details will be displayed, and you can view the photo gallery, take a 3D tour, or see the property on the map. All property details, including price, specifics, description, and other features, will appear below the photos.


You have several contact options on the profile of each listing published on Nextimmo. You can ask questions to the Nextimmo agent, schedule a visit, or even make an offer. Our agents are responsive and will promptly answer you!

Email Alerts

If no property matches your criteria, you can set up an email alert. Click on the bell icon, enter your email address, and validate. Search criteria are automatically saved. A confirmation email with the activation link will be sent to you. Once activated, you will be prioritarily notified by email when new properties matching your criteria are published on Nextimmo.

Virtual Tour

If you are interested in one of the published properties, your Nextimmo agent can accompany you remotely for a virtual tour and answer your questions. This virtual visit provides additional information about the property and allows you to visualize it virtually.

Solvency Check

Before a physical visit, our agent must ensure that your purchasing capacity is sufficient. They will put you in contact with our financial brokerage partner, Albalux Crédit. This process is entirely confidential, and the meeting can be arranged remotely.

Physical Visit

After your solvency is validated, you can set the date and time for your visit. Your Nextimmo agent will accompany you and provide detailed information about the property. If you like the property, ask your agent to organize a return visit to validate the initial impression.

Price Negotiation

When you decide to position yourself on a property, it is imperative to make a written offer. If the owners do not accept it, they have a few days to make a counteroffer. Once an agreement is reached on the transaction price, your Nextimmo agent will request the necessary documents for identification.

KYC/AML Procedures

Your agent will compile the KYC/AML file by requesting a copy of your ID, proof of residence, and having you fill out the entry form.

Sales Agreement

Based on the provided documents, your Nextimmo agent will draft the sales agreement indicating the transaction price. In Luxembourg, the sales agreement is a binding document that may contain suspensive clauses, especially regarding financing.

Obtaining Financing

Your file will be handed over to financial institutions to obtain a mortgage. This process will take a few weeks, and ultimately, an appointment with the notary will be scheduled.

Act of Sale

On the day of the notarized deed signing, your agency will accompany you. Once the deed is signed, you will become the owner of the acquired property and can enjoy your rights.