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Continue running your real estate agency and elevate it by becoming a partner of Nextimmo. Preserve your current real estate license while gaining access to a collaborative platform where we share both properties for sale and potential buyers. When you sell one of our properties, we allocate a portion of the commission to your agency. Similarly, if Nextimmo sells one of your properties, you receive the same benefit. By working together in these challenging times, we progress collectively, gaining independence from market dominators. Strengthen your entrepreneurial spirit in real estate with Nextimmo!

Serious customers, no strings attached:

Nextimmo is not a classical real estate portal. Unlike some of them, we do not sell contact requests to agencies, imposing expensive subscriptions. Experience the advantage of obtaining contacts for free, with more opportunities to sell your properties. Payment is only required after successfully concluding a real estate transaction with one of these contacts.

Supportive sales team:

Nextimmo offers the support of our dedicated sales team, ensuring a seamless buying process for potential buyers. We are meticulous in selecting and following up on buyer requests, verifying solvability, and overseeing official procedures such as KYC, AML, and GDPR compliance.

Time-saving collaboration:

Through the intervention of our agents, save time and focus efforts on acquiring new seller mandates. Additionally, we share our seller mandates with you, allowing you to search for buyers of our properties and earn commissions when transactions are completed.

Get serious customers!

Unlike some of real estate portals, we do not sell contact requests to agencies, imposing expensive subscriptions.

Curated properties for profit:

Curated properties for profit:

At Nextimmo, discover a curated selection of properties for sale that guarantee potential earnings. We actively attract new mandates through our community of partners, covering off-market luxury properties to ordinary apartments and houses. As our partner, seize the opportunity to sell our properties through your buyer network and boost your revenue in the short run.

Earn at least 2/3 of the commission!

Earn at least 2/3 of the commission!

For real estate agents, Nextimmo is a winning choice, offering the potential to earn up to 2/3 of the sales mandate commission. Additionally, you can win on the search mandate and receive a commission higher than 3% for a single transaction.

Are you a practising estate agent?

Are you a practising estate agent?

If you are a practicing estate agent interested in collaborating with Nextimmo, please fill in the form below. A valid estate agent's license and a successful track record of completing transactions are prerequisites for collaboration.

Contact a Nextimmo agent

Whether you are considering selling or buying, collaborating with a competent agent remains essential for the success of your transaction. Our team is ready to provide you with quality service and expert advice. Feel free to contact us to start a fruitful collaboration!

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Strength in unity:

Whether you aspire to become an agent or partner of Nextimmo, fill in the form below to express your interest. We will promptly contact you to discuss the next steps in our collaboration. Join us and discover the strength in unity!

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