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Collaboration is free and without commitment. You only share a fraction of the commission when a transaction is concluded through the intervention of our team.

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How Does It Work?

Signing and Listing

We sign a collaboration agreement together and you list your properties on our platform via gateways.

Marketing and Follow-Up

Our marketing team integrates your listings into our advertising streams and our sales team handles incoming requests, selecting only solvent and motivated buyers.

Closing and Payment

When the sale is concluded through our intermediary, you remit 1% commission on the sale price excluding VAT to us.

What our Partners say about us

— “I appreciate working with Nextimmo because they are always there to help me. Their vision and involvement are, in my opinion, the two keys to their success. When I first knew Nextimmo, it was practically a project. Today, it is a system that works better and better!

Julien Granger
Zen Immo

— “I am extremely satisfied with my collaboration with the Nextimmo real estate agency. Thanks to their professionalism and efficiency, I managed to sell a property in just a few weeks of working together. The team is responsive, competent, and always attentive. Thank you Nextimmo for this excellent experience!

Pierre Beck
Sunset Immo

— “Serious real estate agency with very professional agents, always attentive to the client and partners. They earned my trust because I often approached them regarding the needs of my agency and they always did their best to help me.

George Spanier
RMS Immobilier

— “I had a very pleasant experience with Rudolphe from the Nextimmo team. They are very professional and kind to lend a hand. Rudolphe helped me find a place and ask the right questions. Additionally, the team shares all information transparently and strives to offer you the best deal. Highly recommendable.

Selim Badji
Home Solutions

— “The Nextimmo team consists of excellent professionals, and each member is fully committed to helping my agency achieve more sales. We found many synergies between our two agencies and work together almost daily.

Fabio Neves
Agence Immobilière

— “The collaboration between Nextimmo and BL Immo went smoothly and in compliance with the applicable laws, benefiting our respective clients. Thanks to the team who did their best to ensure the transaction went through as quickly as possible!

Ludovic Balón
BL Immo

— “Top-notch service! They offered me a fast and elegant website and provided many qualified contacts. I recommend collaborating with them because their team is professional and efficient. Their responsiveness helps me increase my turnover while remaining independent.

Jérôme Adam
AF Promotion

— “We have been collaborating together for several months now and we are very satisfied with working with Nextimmo. The entire team is always attentive and meets all our expectations. Our agency benefits from cutting-edge technology thanks to this fruitful collaboration!

José Alfaiate
Alfa Immo
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nextimmo's role in an ever-evolving Luxembourg market?

Nextimmo is here to help you increase your revenue by assisting you in finding solvent buyers for your mandated properties.

I already publish my properties on other platforms. Why do I need Nextimmo?

Nextimmo has developed a collaboration system that generates additional sales for partner agencies. This complementarity allows for harmonious collaboration between your agency and Nextimmo. Another advantage is the multiplication of your distribution channels, reducing your dependence on certain traditional providers.

What is the complementarity of Nextimmo?

Our team of digital marketing experts has developed combined advertising streams to promote your properties through multiple channels. As soon as you publish your listings on Nextimmo, they are promoted by us to find buyers as quickly as possible.

We are competitors in the market. Why should I publish my mandated properties on the Nextimmo platform?

We are primarily colleagues capable of conducting transactions for our mutual benefit. Furthermore, Nextimmo is a hybrid agency that places collaboration at the heart of its activities. Our main role is to generate interested buyers for your properties to complete a transaction.

I want to publish my properties. What do I get in return?

Several benefits. First, you create additional sales opportunities that would not occur without our collaboration. Second, you benefit from our expertise in technology and marketing, such as a website created by our team. Additionally, you can market our mandates and opt for a commission split in case of a sale of one of our properties by your agency.

What is the easiest way to publish my properties on Nextimmo?

The easiest way to publish your properties is to use the gateways available in professional software such as Apimo or Progetis. Activation is simple and quick, and the transfer and updates are immediate.

If I publish my listings on Nextimmo, who will manage the incoming contacts?

In the context of the Premium partnership, the Nextimmo agent will handle the feedback generated by our marketing campaigns and follow them up. Once the client's interest is confirmed, the agent will organize the visit in the presence of a representative from your agency.

Is publishing on Nextimmo free for partner agencies?

No, the distribution on Nextimmo is free because our business model is different from that of traditional portals. On the portals, you must pay upfront in the form of a subscription without a guarantee of sale. With Nextimmo, you publish your listings for free, and our team takes care of finding a definitive buyer for your properties. We are paid based on results, once the deed is signed at the notary.

What is Nextimmo's fee for a completed transaction?

Nextimmo generally charges its partner agencies 1% of the sale price excluding VAT. This contribution covers administrative and marketing follow-up costs. The commission is refunded on the day of the notarial deed signing based on an invoice.

Is my agency obliged to accept the client brought by Nextimmo?

No, there is no obligation to accept the Nextimmo client. However, it is in your interest to complete the transaction as quickly as possible as long as the client is interested in your property, especially in the current economic context. More sales mean more revenue, so it is advisable not to refuse transactions.

How can I be sure that Nextimmo will not take over the contacts related to my listings?

The Nextimmo model allows for constant revenue generation through collaboration between agencies. Nextimmo aims to establish long-term relationships with its partners, so it is in our team's interest to respect the rules established at the partnership level. Our agreements prohibit unfair competition between partners and promote the development of business relationships based on trust.

Can my agency also benefit from the marketing of Nextimmo mandates?

Of course, your agency can benefit from Nextimmo's performance in acquiring sales mandates. As you delegate the marketing of your properties to us, Nextimmo allows you to market its property portfolio in return.

What commission does my agency earn if I find a buyer for one of Nextimmo's properties?

Your agency will receive 1% of the final sale price, so the commission rate is the same as when Nextimmo sells one of your agency's properties.

And how can I market Nextimmo's properties?

As a Premium partner, you can market Nextimmo's properties through your distribution channels, provided that the information disseminated is as accurate as possible.

Can I also publish these properties on my website?

Yes, you can do so either through a website created for your agency by our partner Meta, a system that allows for a high-quality website and automated listing transfers, or by requesting a gateway to Nextimmo's listings from your professional software provider (Apimo or Progetis).

I am a developer and want to collaborate. What is the advantage for my development company?

If you have properties for sale in VEFA (sale in future state of completion), Nextimmo can be of great use to you. Our system is complementary and will not operate like traditional agencies, whose first reflex would be to publish your offers on portals. Instead, we will develop a personalized promotional strategy based on the construction project and add value to the promotion of your properties through our distribution channels.

What commission is payable by the developer in the event of a final sale of a VEFA property?

Depending on the chosen promotional strategy, the commission can vary between 2% and 3% of the sale price. It depends on the intensity of the advertising campaigns to be implemented to more easily reach potential buyers of VEFA properties.

What about rental listings? Do I need to share the commission with Nextimmo?

No, there is no sharing for rental listings - your agency directly benefits from the contacts generated for this type of property. Conversely, Nextimmo does not share its income from rental-related services.

Is my agency engaged in a long-term partnership with Nextimmo?

Our partnership agreements have a basic duration of one year but can be terminated at any time with one month's notice.

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