Unite your strengths with Nextimmo: together, redefining the future of real estate!

We believe that the real estate experience can be more enjoyable - for clients, for agents, for everyone. Join us and contribute to this vision!

The profession of a real estate agent is anything but simple! While in the past, a limited network was sufficient to keep the business running, the current market demands in-depth knowledge and the implementation of a careful and coherent strategy. The rapid transformation of our small market has led some agencies to form extensive networks to bring their strengths together and progress collectively, thereby enhancing their resilience in the face of the crisis. Nextimmo is the first hybrid agency in Luxembourg, choosing to organize its network of partners so that each can benefit!

Opportunities in real estate

Are you also practicing the profession of a real estate agent?

We offer different partnership packages, providing exciting opportunities that could propel your business! That's why we are constantly looking for experienced real estate agents to strengthen our presence on the field, especially for organizing physical property visits.

Here are the advantages of joining our partnership program:

Continue to thrive with your current agency
Maintain your license with your current agency, and we'll connect you with motivated buyers and sellers through our partnership program.
Share commissions upon closing
Experience the advantage of no upfront costs or monthly fees. You only pay a referral fee when you successfully complete a transaction.
Expand your business
Acquire buyers and sellers effortlessly with Nextimmo and elevate your agency business with us! Our tailored concept is adeptly designed for the current market scenario, aimed at assisting you in advancing even during challenging times!
Access free technical and strategic support
Our team boasts extensive experience in digitalization and can assist you in implementing technological solutions to boost your agency business! As our premium partner, you can benefit from the best technologies without incurring any financial charges!

Program Requirements

  • Maintain an active real estate license in good standing.
  • Showcase your service excellence by obtaining testimonials from recent clients.
  • Commission sharing upon the successful completion of transactions according to our partnership agreement.

Whether for an informal exchange among professionals over a coffee or for considering a close collaboration to conduct transactions together, we are always delighted to meet you in person. This way, we can discuss directly the current situation and possibilities to overcome the challenges faced.

Feel free to contact us without delay. It would be a pleasure to get to know you!

What is Nextimmo?

Nextimmo stands as the pioneer hybrid agency in Luxembourg, dedicated to fostering collaboration among agencies and streamlining the selling and buying processes. Our dynamic team comprises skilled agents, proficient programmers, and seasoned marketing specialists, ready to provide comprehensive support for your real estate endeavors. With our assistance, you can navigate the intricacies of the market and confidently strive towards achieving your goals in 2024.