Letting your property with Nextimmo

It may be tempting to manage the letting of your property yourself in order to save costs. However, there are many advantages to using a Nextimmo estate agent, allowing you to save time and energy and to rent your property in compliance with the law. Currently, the commission for renting a property in Luxembourg is the responsibility of the tenant, so working with Nextimmo is free for you as the owner.

By letting your property through a Nextimmo agent, you benefit from the expertise of a professional who can guarantee that your property is up to standard and can be rented as is. The Nextimmo agent can inform you of any mandatory inspections that need to be carried out before the property is rented out. They can also put you in touch with the relevant professionals, saving you time and money.

At Nextimmo we maintain a constantly updated waiting list of tenants actively looking for accommodation in Luxembourg. We are confident that we will quickly find the ideal candidate for your property. In addition, Nextimmo checks the solvency of each candidate and only presents those who meet your selection criteria.


How does it work?

First of all, we define together the terms of the mandate and the rental conditions. Our agency can quickly take charge of your property and proceed with the following steps

Fixing the rent:
The Nextimmo agent analyses the local rental market, determines the realistic rent and fixes it with you before starting to market your property.
Create the listing:
Our photographer takes pictures of your property, creates a 3D tour if required and prioritises the presentation to candidates on our waiting list. A comprehensive listing is then created and published on specialist platforms.
Conduct viewings:
Interested candidates visit the property accompanied by your Nextimmo agent, usually on specific days.
Selection of the best candidate:
According to your criteria, the best candidate is selected and presented for validation. Once the choice is made, the drafting of the lease can begin.
Drafting the lease:
Your Nextimmo agent drafts a legal lease that protects your interests as the owner and facilitates future relations with the tenant.
Check-in inventory:
Although it marks the beginning of the tenancy, the check-in inventory alone can be a source of dispute later on. It is essential that a very detailed document is drawn up when the tenant arrives, a task that the estate agent will carry out during the visit.
Rent guarantee:
Renting exposes the owner to the risk of non-payment. The rental guarantee insurance anticipates this problem and guarantees the payment of 12 months' rent in the event of a tenant defaulting. It also covers legal costs related to unpaid rent and eviction costs.

Contact a Nextimmo agent

Whether you are considering selling or buying, collaborating with a competent agent remains essential for the success of your transaction. Our team is ready to provide you with quality service and expert advice. Feel free to contact us to start a fruitful collaboration!

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