10 reasons why real estate agents should use virtual tours

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10 reasons why real estate agents should use virtual tours

With a virtual tour of a property, a potential buyer can get an idea of the property before they even set foot in it, and can even imagine themselves as the owner before they make an offer. This is just one of the ways real estate agents can benefit from using virtual tours.

Let's take a look at the benefits of virtual tours of apartments and homes and how they work in the real estate market.

To begin, let's define a "virtual tour"

As in many other industries, real estate virtual tours allow potential buyers to explore a property without leaving the comfort of their home.

Compared to static images and animated photos, this innovation offers viewers a much richer and more informative experience. Unpleasant shocks should be avoided at all costs, unless you have something to hide.

Let's take a look at some 360-degree photo collage virtual tours as well as 3D virtual tours.

Creating virtual tours of real estate by assembling 360-degree images

By stitching together a series of 360-degree images, a client can get a feel for a property without ever leaving his office. Thanks to the 360-degree technology, the client will be able to see the rooms he is interested in from all angles.

For example, they can go from the garden to the kitchen, then to the living room, and finally to a bedroom, before returning to the kitchen.

3D virtual real estate tour

The 3D virtual tour shows the layout and furnishings of a home in addition to its volumetric rendering. Interested parties can thus envisage a different aspect for their potential purchase.

Compared to a virtual tour room by room, this one shows the whole house.

Different from the standard virtual tour, the 3D virtual tour requires a unique capture process to be done.

With a 3D virtual tour, you can get an idea of the layout of the rooms in the house or apartment. It is possible to get an idea of the layout and key features of a house by following the traditional procedure, but a 3D digital rendering is much more useful in this regard. The height of the ceiling, for example, is clearly visible.

Compared to the standard virtual tour, this is something entirely new.

Top ten list of benefits of using virtual tours in real estate

After comparing the different virtual tours that exist, it's time to look at the many ways they can help you sell a home.

A precious help in terms of time saving

It is not uncommon to receive many inquiries after listing a newly built home for sale.

It may take a while if you want to meet everyone or send more pictures. In addition, there are those who are just looking and have no intention of buying.

A client can take a look at the property without leaving the comfort of their own home when you offer a virtual tour.

Those who really want to set up an appointment will do so by phone. You can then spend that extra time growing your business.

Get rid of extra expenses

Meeting with potential buyers to show them homes can be very expensive. Thinking about all the money you'll save on gas is exciting!

The problem is, you can drive them all over town to look at houses, but that doesn't guarantee they'll end up buying one.

Maybe they don't like the bathroom. Another possibility is that they don't like the decor, either in the living room or in the garden.

Fortunately, you can avoid this kind of disappointment by taking a virtual tour. Simply embed a virtual tour on your website to give potential clients a glimpse of the property.

The presentation needs to be simplified

Before you show a home, make sure everything is in order. It may be unreasonable to expect homeowners to clean their homes before each inspection.

Virtual tours can show the property in its best light.

Separate yourself from the current market

People will become aware of your website based on the number of visitors and the number of links pointing to it.

Using virtual tours to promote your business can help you stand out from the crowd.

Also, customers will have more confidence in you than the competition when they see that you are using cutting-edge technology.

Present an authentic scenario

With a virtual tour, it's like having an open house all the time. The tour is accessible to customers at all times.

This technology facilitates an instant sense of ownership. Viewers of the virtual tour will have no trouble imagining themselves in the house.

Increase the number of visitors to your website

Virtual tours are a great way to attract new visitors to your website. As a result, more customers from standard portals will come to you.

More than forty percent of people are likely to click on a real estate ad that includes a virtual tour rather than a similar ad that only includes photos.

The more people who visit your site, the more likely you are to make a sale. In addition, search engines will give more weight to your real estate site.

Reduce the bounce rate on your site

The "bounce rate" is the percentage of site visitors who only view one page before leaving. If you provide quality content, visitors will stay on your site longer.

Virtual tours usually take more than a minute to view. Therefore, visitors will linger longer. The bounce rate should therefore decrease. With a lower bounce rate, your website will receive more visitors and move up in search engine rankings.

Build quality backlinks

A backlink is created every time an ad featuring your virtual tour is shared. Since this is a critical component of Google's search algorithm, you can expect to see an increase in traffic and a boost in your site's credibility.

When Google was first launched, backlink analysis was a revolutionary step forward, as it provided an objective measure of a website's popularity. Today, it is still an essential strategy for search engine optimization.

Encourage interaction via social media

A virtual tour of a beautiful home is more likely to be widely shared. Many people will talk about it and post it online.

Google's search algorithm now takes into account signals from social media platforms. Shares of your website content on social media can have a beneficial effect on your site's popularity and ranking.

In other words, the algorithm will move your site up in the search results and send you more visitors.

No need for technical knowledge

Interactive virtual reality produces tours for a variety of industries. Let us know if you need help creating your virtual tours. Simply send us panoramic photos and we will send you a high quality virtual tour.

We can also enhance your customers' experience by elaborating on specific rooms in the house.

Put your property up for sale or rent with a virtual tour

Once you have a good understanding of this technology, you are encouraged to use it for yourself. If you need help with anything related to your website, whether it's virtual tours, real estate marketing or anything else, don't hesitate to contact us.

Our team has the knowledge and experience to help you grow your business.