Where to install with the family in Luxembourg?

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Where to install with the family in Luxembourg?

If you and your family decide to make Luxembourg City their permanent home, a smart real estate investment can help you live a very comfortable life. Finding a place to live that is convenient in terms of public transportation, shopping, schools and other necessities can make your daily routine much easier. We've compiled a list of the country's five best neighborhoods for families, where you'll find everything you want.

The beating heart of Luxembourg, charming and exciting

The heart of Luxembourg City is a favorite spot for tourists, but the city's youthful energy and stunning architecture also attract locals and their families. You can choose between modernized bourgeois houses and carefully restored traditional homes.

This is a very safe option, and you can take advantage of easily accessible public transportation. Although there is only one elementary school, the region offers many opportunities for further education.

Bonnevoie, a beautiful symmetry !

Bonnevoie offers the ideal balance between urban life and the tranquility of more residential areas. Because of its proximity to the city center and the train station, it has become the most popular residential area.

The bohemian atmosphere of the area is very popular, and for good reason: the brightly painted houses, the winding streets and the diversity of the population are all characteristics of the bohemian lifestyle. If you like sports, you'll be happy to know that this neighborhood offers everything you need to train.

Gasperich is a fast-growing neighborhood

Thanks in large part to the Ban and the Golden Bell, the Gasperich neighborhood has once again become a preferred location for businesses and their employees.

A large number of structures, including residential and commercial, have been built recently. The arrival of a national soccer and rugby stadium is helping to stimulate growth in the area. A large, brand new shopping center opened in 2019... and there are schools here through high school. All the necessities of family life can be met in the Gasperich area.

Belair: the favorite neighborhood for families

With its residential atmosphere and relaxed vibe, Belair is an ideal place for families to settle down. A number of excellent educational institutions, including Athenaeum High School, one of the most prestigious high schools in the country, are located in the neighborhood, making it attractive to families with young children.

Numerous bus routes run through the neighborhood, as well as Veloh stations for those who prefer to bike. All the amenities of modern life are within a short drive of Belair.

The Limpertsberg is a trendy place

The Limpertsberg is home to some of the city's prettiest homes, thanks to its charming architecture. This neighborhood, close to the European district of Kirchberg, is popular with European expats and native Luxembourgers.

It is not only the historic houses that give this neighborhood its charm; the green spaces and cultural institutions such as the Grand Theater and the Utopia Cinema are also remarkable.

If you are looking for a nice place to live with your family in Luxembourg City, these 5 cities are definitely worth your attention. They are affordable, well served by buses and close to everything you might need. Spending money in one of these neighborhoods won't be a bad idea.