What should I do about my noisy neighbor?

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What should I do about my noisy neighbor?

Many people have to deal with a noisy and dangerous environment on a regular basis. What should you do if you are constantly disturbed by things like loud music, clicking heels and shouting? Your rights and the responsibilities of those who make your life difficult are discussed in more detail below.

Neighborhood disturbances are a common concern in Luxembourg

In a European comparison, Luxembourgers are among the top ten people who complain about their neighbors. Indeed, 19.3% of Luxembourgers surveyed in a Eurostat survey in early 2020 complained about noise pollution from their neighbors.

This is a higher percentage than in France (18.2%) or Belgium (17.7%), if one takes into account that the survey concerns both residents of apartments and houses and that street noise was also taken into account in the statistical survey.

Although Luxembourgers are more relaxed than their European counterparts when it comes to their neighbors (almost 28% of Germans surveyed said they were bothered by noise), many are still looking for ways to restore their peace and quiet: what can you do when your neighbors do not care about their own nuisance?

In Luxembourg, what are the consequences of disturbing one's neighbors?

Violating the peace and quiet of one's neighbors can lead to criminal sanctions under the Luxembourg Penal Code. For example, causing unnecessary noise late at night is punishable by a fine of €25 to €250, depending on the circumstances.

Some local jurisdictions may impose greater restrictions than those described in this national regulation. Noise from closing car doors or garages and starting motor vehicles is illegal in Luxembourg City. Everyone has the right to their own means of livelihood, including the use of a motor vehicle, but they should exercise caution in this area, especially after dark.

Our advice to Luxembourgers is to always check with the local authorities that they are following the law, as the rules of the Penal Code are not always obvious.

Before taking legal action, you should make every effort to reach a mutually acceptable agreement

The first priority in resolving neighborhood disturbances should be to do so in a humane manner. The family that lives above you in the building may not understand how disturbing their nightly music is to you.

It is best to talk to your neighbor about the problem before going to court or learning about local penalty policies. An amicable solution can usually be found for this type of problem.

If the offender does not change his or her behavior or seek other solutions to reduce the daily disturbance, you may have to take legal action.