In the west of Luxembourg, what do you know about the commune of Bertrange?

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In the west of Luxembourg, what do you know about the commune of Bertrange?

The city of Bertrange, located only a few kilometers from the heart of Luxembourg City, will appeal to you in many ways. Living in Bertrange means being part of a dynamic community that has preserved its small-town charm while accumulating many valuable resources.

With a total area of 17.39 km2, the municipality of Bertrange is located in the center of Luxembourg, west of the capital. It is located on the outskirts of the country's capital, linking the city itself to the southern part of the country. A dynamic city that is constantly changing and adapting to meet the needs of its growing population thanks to the funding of various construction projects. As of January 1, 2019, the total population was 8,282, of which approximately 54% are not Luxembourgers. Nearly one hundred different nationalities are represented in the municipality of Bertrange, the majority of whom speak French, Portuguese, Italian, Belgian or German. Today, Bertrange is a community that successfully combines the well-known rustic look of our region with an unmistakably sophisticated air.

A successful community life

Bertrange, a commune in the center of Luxembourg, is a good place to live because of its village atmosphere and its proximity to the city center. The municipality of Bertrange is considered one of the most prosperous and is home to numerous economic and industrial zones, including the Bourmicht zone, which is home to a large number of national and international companies.

In addition to its many restaurants, Bertrange is home to two large shopping centers: City Concorde and Cactus Belle Etoile. In addition to its original structure, City Concorde now offers a large number of unique stores to Bertrange residents. There are many restaurants in Bertrange - about 15 - to meet your gastronomic needs.

Distinct settings

In addition, the city of Bertrange provides its residents with numerous facilities, such as the Atert cultural and sports center, which can accommodate up to 1500 spectators, and the Arca music school, which offers young people quality musical instruction and helps to keep Bertrange's artistic community alive. There is also a magnificent music hall, with a stage that can be configured for a variety of performances and accommodate more than 100 people. Exhibitions and receptions can also be held at Arca.

But that's not all, Bertrange's charm extends to its wide range of possibilities for rest and relaxation. Renowned for its swimming pools, the Thermes also has a spa where visitors can relax and recharge their batteries. In addition to its fitness center and restaurant, it also hosts a number of classes that you can sign up for.

Bertrange also has a tennis club, petanque courts, 24 playgrounds and soccer and volleyball clubs among its many other sports organizations and facilities.

On behalf of our future generations

Bertrange, as a city, is home to an elementary school and several day care centers. The "Krank Kanner Doheem" service of Bertrange offers its inhabitants private home care for sick children. This service allows parents to continue working while providing their children with the best possible environment to heal.

Bertrange and accessibility

The European School of Mamer is located not far from Bertrange, which reinforces the attractiveness of the city. Its location is ideal, as it allows easy access to major highways while being well served by public transportation. Numerous bus lines run through Bertrange, Luxembourg, due to its proximity to the country's capital.

Living in Bertrange

After reading this, you should have a good idea of what it's like to live in Bertrange, a small village-like community near the city.