What do you know about Merl, the residential district attached to Luxembourg?

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What do you know about Merl, the residential district attached to Luxembourg?

Luxembourg's Merl neighborhood has more than one appeal, and it's conveniently located near the city center. This modest residential neighborhood is growing in popularity due to its convenient location, accessibility to major highways and proximity to a park.

To the southwest of Luxembourg City, in the district of Merl, are the neighborhoods of Belair to the northeast, Hollerich to the southeast, and the community of Strassen to the west. And the setting of Merl is just as perfect. This district divides the city of Luxembourg with the neighboring commune of Bertrange. The friendly population of Merl, 6,264 people as of December 31, 2019, covers an area of 2.43 km. In Merl, not only is the population growing, but it is also becoming increasingly diverse, with more than 73% of its residents coming from other countries such as France, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. Young professional couples who enjoy a quiet environment close to their workplace make up a significant portion of Merl's resident population. The high house prices are a direct result of this popularity.

A neighborhood where culture plays a major role

Merl has many excellent educational institutions for students of all ages, including the Geesseknäppchen school complex, the extended Merl school, the Lycée Michel Rodange, the Athénée de Luxembourg, Aline Mayrisch, the Ecole de Commerce et de Gestion. All these establishments contribute to making the district a safe and welcoming place for families.

To complete its educational offer, Merl has facilities such as the Prince Jean stadium, an equestrian center, a sports hall, a gym and numerous playgrounds.

Merl does not skimp on the arts, as both the Luxembourg National Theatre and the Luxembourg Conservatory of Music are located here. With more than 150 different programs offered, the conservatory is a valuable asset to the community and enjoys a high reputation worldwide.

There is plenty of green space

Having access to green space is a need in any city, and the Merl area is no exception. There are many parks and green spaces in this residential area of Luxembourg City. Not to mention the Parc de Merl, a trampoline park and picnic area open all summer long. In short, you'll have no shortage of options for spending quality time with your friends, family or spouse.

The Merl Way of Life

Merl, formerly part of the Benedictine abbey of Munster, created its own municipality in the late 18th century, before merging with the city of Luxembourg in 1920. Merl, a district of the city of Luxembourg, has grown steadily since the 1920s and is today a popular place to live.

Merl is a family-friendly, residential neighborhood that is well served but slightly out of the way. It's a great option for families looking for a balance of proximity, culture and quality of life. And now you want to move to Merl because of this charming little community.