What do you know about Junglinster, the little Switzerland of Luxembourg?

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What do you know about Junglinster, the little Switzerland of Luxembourg?

Located in the canton of Grevenmacher in the east of Luxembourg, the commune of Junglinster is composed of 12 small sections.

With its 55.38 km2, this municipality is the largest in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and is home to 7,802 people who make the city live.

It can be said that Junglinster is a good place to live today, thanks to its modern infrastructure, its quality services, its rich cultural heritage and its steep terrain, which is reminiscent of Switzerland.

Discover Junglinster, a lively town where people and nature thrive in perfect harmony

Junglinster is the eastern edge of the countryside, bridging the gap between urban life and the great outdoors. With a focus on the natural environment, this city offers the best of urban vitality and rural tranquility.

Located just 17 kilometers northeast of the nation's capital, Junglinster is no match for the big cities. The standard of living for city dwellers is so high that it puts its rural counterparts to shame.

However, towards the east, the man-made structures are slowly being replaced by natural and wild environments. The village of Bourglinster is the gateway to the Mullerthal region (Mllerdall in Luxembourgish), often referred to as the little Switzerland of Luxembourg. This endearing nickname is a tribute to the high relief of the region, which is reminiscent of Switzerland, to its exceptional biome and to its spectacular rocky gorges.

Because of these factors, Junglinster has become an increasingly popular Luxembourg commune in recent years among people looking for a new house or apartment.

Offering a full range of facilities and services

Access to a variety of excellent higher education, retail and medical facilities makes Junglinster such a desirable location. Every aspect of life in this community is geared toward the comfort and happiness of its citizens.

That's why the youth of the municipality and its communities have access to a variety of educational opportunities, including three elementary school, a middle school and the Lênster high school, which has separate German and English European sections (from age 6).

And for those who want more, the community collaborates with the nearby Maacher Gymnasium in Grevenmacher to offer after-school classes to eager learners.

Likewise, the retail offerings are so varied that people don't need to travel across the country to find what they're looking for in this community. In fact, in addition to local stores, residents of the city have access to the "Laangwiss Center" and "Lènster Bierg", two shopping centers with cutting-edge designs that are perfect for retail therapy.

Finally, the municipality is home to a wide variety of businesses and professionals, including banks, businesses, garages, restaurants, transportation services, doctors, pediatricians, pharmacists and physical therapists, to name a few, to provide a full range of services to the local population.

A wide variety of associations and organizations serving various interests

Thanks to its natural setting, the municipality offers excellent hiking opportunities and beautiful views. Through the forests, fields and valleys of the town of Junglinster, you will find 230 kilometers of hiking trails.

A golf course, two soccer fields, five outdoor tennis courts, a swimming pool and numerous gyms are just some of the many sports facilities available in the city.

Culture and Tourism in Junglinster

There is no time to be bored in Junglinster. The cultural center Am Duerf, for example, hosts year-round exhibitions, performances and workshops for people of all ages.

The history of the town is a major attraction for holidaymakers all year round. Some of the most notable structures include a baroque church, a splendid 18th century farmhouse that now serves as the town hall and, of course, the famous medieval Bourglinster Castle, which has been modernized to house theaters and a gourmet restaurant.

Alongside these new homes that have been developed in an environmentally friendly manner, this historic architecture can be seen as a source of pride.

Are you looking for a long-term investment? We invite you to search for available housing in Luxembourg and Junglinster.