What do you know about Bettembourg, where you can live a life of wonder?

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What do you know about Bettembourg, where you can live a life of wonder?

Bettembourg is one of the five communes that make up the municipality and are located in the canton of Esch-sur-Alzette, 10 km from the capital and 5 km from the French border (chief town).

The current population of these five localities is 11,200 inhabitants, and they occupy an area of 21.49 square kilometers. A developing region with a wide range of cultural and recreational opportunities for families.

The city is best known for its beautiful Parc Merveilleux, but it actually has much more to offer. You want to move to Luxembourg and work here. Learn more about the amazing community of Bettembourg.

To access the whole of Luxembourg, just drive through Bettembourg

Bettembourg's central location makes it easy to get around Luxembourg and neighboring countries. An important national and international railroad line as well as a major motorway junction serving traffic to and from France and Germany are connected to the municipality.

The national railroad Bettembourg-Luxembourg, the international railroad Luxembourg-Metz, the N13 and N31 that cross the city, and the CR132 and CR163 are only some of the roads that cross the region. The Croix de Bettembourg, where the A13 and A3 freeways converge, is also located near the commune.

Thanks to its central location in Luxembourg, Bettembourg is a city that attracts young professionals who frequently settle in the whole country and abroad.

Has a noble spirit that does honor to Luxembourg

In the middle of Bettembourg's green landscape lies the Parc Merveilleux, a recreational area known for its enchanted forest that delights locals and visitors alike. Visitors of all ages can enjoy this 25-hectare park, which includes an animal shelter, an aviary and several playgrounds for children.

The city distinguishes itself as a green city dedicated to nature conservation with its huge national orchard, "biodiversity" program, sustainable beekeeping and other ecological efforts like its community garden.

In addition, Bettembourg has a 361.3 hectare forest, so protected that it can only be used on municipal trails.

Bettembourg is an active and exciting city

The citizens of Bettembourg have many options for entertainment. For example, there are a number of hotels and restaurants in the area, as well as a cinema called "Le Paris", which are open to Luxembourg residents and visitors looking for a magical distraction.

The open-air exhibition "Konscht am Park", the "Nuit des Merveilles" and the literature festival "LiteraTour" are just a few examples.

Do you want to find a place to live in Luxembourg that has a lot going on? The real estate market in Bettembourg, Luxembourg is the best in the country.

Bettembourg is a wonderful community for families

Bettembourg's many children's events and excellent educational facilities make it an ideal place for families to settle.

Bettembourg's educational system, from kindergarten to high school, consists of four schools:

  • Reebou-Schoul
  • Schoul am Duerf
  • Spillschoul am Park
  • Sonneschoul in Noertzange

Finally, the Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture welcomes young people aged 12 to 26 who live in the municipality and offers them various activities, including weekly creative and sports workshops, expeditions and theme evenings. There is a literary café and a staged reading event organized as part of the LiteraTour festival.

Are you interested in moving to a Luxembourg commune? Bettembourg offers many activities and attractions for people of all ages.