What do you know about Berdorf in Luxembourg?

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What do you know about Berdorf in Luxembourg?

Berdorf is about 32 kilometers (km) from the city of Luxembourg and is located in the middle of the Mullerthal, also known as the Little Switzerland of Luxembourg.

About 1,050 people live in this small town, making it an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. The town has caves and rocky plateaus, as well as 65 kilometers of marked trails in a landscape reminiscent of Switzerland.

You have never heard of this tourist mecca? Allow us to present the three most convincing arguments for your visit and, perhaps, for your adoption of this approach.

Families and adventurers will appreciate the many hiking and mountain biking opportunities in the area

Berdorf is surrounded by 1,200 hectares of forest and lies on a plateau above the Black Ernz, Sûre and Aesbach valleys.

The trails in Berdorf are suitable for both inexperienced hikers and experienced athletes.

From the village, hikers can access a plethora of trails that take them through hilly terrain and through interesting geological features such as the caves and rock formations of Perecop, Hohllay and Predigtstuhl.

Along the way, you can enjoy some of the most breathtaking views in the region (and perhaps the entire Grand Duchy) from one of the many panoramic viewpoints along the way.

Berdorf's gastronomic scene in the spotlight

Are you tired of hiking and hungry? Don't worry, Berdorf will satisfy not only your sight but also your taste.

Throughout the town you will find restaurants serving Italian, French and local specialties. Discover Berdorf's cheeses, which include white cheeses, hard cheeses, fresh goat cheeses and herbed cheeses.

Another of Berdorf's unique qualities

It's clear that despite its small size, Berdorf is a popular destination for visitors, especially in summer.

Attracting backpackers, the town provides 9 campgrounds at various locations. At the Martbusch campground, two permanent tent platforms have been set up, and both have easy access to the surrounding trails.

Not only is the city of Luxembourg home to a wide variety of RV campgrounds, but the city itself is also quite unique. Visiting the Aquatower in Berdorf could be an interesting experience for you. Indeed, from the top of this 55-meter tower, you will be able to admire a breathtaking panorama of your immediate surroundings.

For those who appreciate natural beauty, the Luxembourg town of Berdorf has much to offer. This place, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, is perfect for quiet reflection. Despite this, there is always something going on and in summer you can relax with a coffee on the terrace or eat in one of the many excellent restaurants.