What are the weekly counts of your energy consumption?

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What are the weekly counts of your energy consumption?

The December 2018 European Union directive on energy efficiency in buildings makes it clear that residential buildings must install consumption monitoring systems for heating and hot water.

Since October 2020, the landlord must give the tenant semi-annual information on their consumption. This year, this information has become monthly and is communicated openly rather than passively via the web. By 2027, every meter will have to be equipped with remote reading technology.

This is where ista is leading the way. The Luxembourg company anticipated the regulations and developed a game-changing response: a state-of-the-art, fully automated remote reading device based on two-way radio communication. Consumption data is transferred weekly via this new application, which was designed in-house for the end customer.

This system is also more efficient because meter readers will no longer have to visit the home.

Using advanced technology to read meters remotely

Ista's German parent company is currently developing this software, which will be tested in two or three projects in Luxembourg. The end user can access information about his or her heating and hot water consumption, as well as an estimate of expenses, via the app, which is based on the latest meter readings.

In addition to reducing residents' monthly costs, the app will educate them on ways to preserve the environment.

About 20% of Luxembourg's carbon dioxide emissions come from home heating and hot water consumption. So this is a fantastic savings opportunity.

The question here is: how does this application work?

The ista team will install the meters to track the amount of energy used for heating, hot water and cold water, and test the reading system to make sure it works properly. A GSM-connected gateway is installed, and data from the apartment meters is collected via a separate antenna. Once a week, the server makes a call to this gateway and downloads all the consumption statistics of the apartments.