Walferdange, family nature near the city of Luxembourg

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Walferdange, family nature near the city of Luxembourg

Walferdange is a great place for those interested in history and nature, and it's only 11 minutes away from Luxembourg City via the N7. Located in the center of the Alzette valley, it is home to more than 8,400 people and is ideal for families in search of tranquility and lush vegetation. Have any questions left? Learn the many charms that make Walferdange a desirable location.

Experiencing daily life in Walferdange

A place where families can thrive

Walferdange, with its proximity to both the city of Luxembourg and the countryside, is a great place for families to settle. There are three public schools and a crèche in Walferdange. In an effort to facilitate working parents, a school bus service has been established. There are also plenty of parks and open spaces where kids can play and exercise.

Children also have the option of attending "Maisons Relais" (after-school care centers) where they can relax while completing their homework or participating in extracurricular activities (sports, arts, etc.).

Walferdange also provides a "Meals on wheels" service, which delivers meals to the homes of senior citizens. The city government also provides a gymnastics program tailored to the needs of senior citizens.

Advantageous entry into Luxembourg's capital

If you're a commuter who dreads sitting in traffic on the N7 during rush hour, you can get to the heart of Luxembourg from the Walferdange train station in just 10 minutes.

The city also has shuttle buses that run frequently to make getting around easier. Scheduled times for these are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday.

The Night Card is a discounted weekend bus pass for young adults (16–26) that allows them to ride the bus late at night.

A city packed with fun things to do

In the commune, you can participate in a wide variety of sports and recreational activities. Numerous soccer and tennis courts are available.

You can join a club team in basketball, volleyball, or rugby.

A spa, sauna, and swimming area can be found on the Alzette River, north of Walferdange, for those who need or want to unwind for a while.

You can go hiking and biking in Walferdange

The township of Walferdange includes the neighboring communities of Bereldange and Helmsange in the southern Guttland region.

The three settlements span both banks of the Alzette, and their forested surroundings provide ample opportunities for exploring the river and its environs on foot. Hikers and cyclists of all skill levels will enjoy exploring this tranquil area.

Visitors can learn the ins and outs of gypsum mining by embarking on a hike out of Bereldange. The ruins of the ancient Roman aqueduct Raschptzer can be found at the end of another path in the woods.

Helmsange, on the other side of the Alzette, is home to a nature reserve known as Sonnebierg. The site includes a list of many uncommon plants, which will be of interest to botanists. Orchid enthusiasts will undoubtedly get to see some beautiful specimens.

In the 20th century, gypsum was mined in the area not far from there, between Bereldange and the Kléngelbaach valley. Their renowned whiteness is a testament to the abundant natural resources in the area. Although the gypsum mines are now primarily used for testing measuring instruments, a 5.2-kilometer path beginning in Bereldange provides access to the historical mining sites.

Walferdange Historical Attractions

The town has been around since Roman times and was once home to Prince Henry of the Netherlands.

It's rich in history, so storytellers will find plenty of material there.

The Walferdange Castle, constructed by William I in 1817, is just one of many sites waiting to be explored. Before the Belgian revolution of 1830, it served as a storage facility for royal stallions. The castle was left forsaken for a decade before it was reclaimed as a royal residence in 1841. There, Prince Henri wed Princess Amélie and later Princess Marie of Prussia. This was after he relocated there in 1850.

The fact that the castle housed Luxembourgish children and their families during the First World War is an interesting aside as well. The Ministry of Education, Children and Youth has been using it for some of its operations since 2015. But the commune of Walferdange has other historical places of interest, such as:

  • The Roman villa : located in Helmsange, not far from Walferdange, it consists of 50 rooms. Numerous potteries have been discovered there by archaeologists. The ruins are still visible today.
  • The church of the Trinity: murals by Gerdhard Lamers, a German artist from the beginning of the 20th century, can be admired here.

Walferdange, a place of cultural wealth

But nature and history are not the only riches of Walferdange! Culture also has its place here.

Lovers of literature will find their happiness here thanks to the Walfer Bicherdeeg. This event, which takes place every year in November, attracts many Luxembourg collectors and book dealers.

Those who prefer to stroll through the art galleries will be delighted by the Walfer Kulturschapp, an exhibition space, or by the CAW. This space, open to adults as well as to youngsters, honors local artists while organizing discovery workshops for children. Ideal for families and nature lovers, Walferdange is greatly appreciated for its direct proximity to Luxembourg City. Real estate prices are more attractive than in the capital of Luxembourg, where it is easy to get to daily by car or train.

If you are still looking for a place to live, don't hesitate: Walferdange regularly welcomes new residents.