Our choice of the various types of real estate

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Our choice of the various types of real estate

_It's crucial to understand the many forms of real estate before buying a home. Are you still debating between a house and an apartment? Learn about the features of each type of dwelling in Luxembourg! _

The residence

The most prevalent kind of property in the city is the apartment.

Being inside a building allows for community living, which is advantageous in many ways (building management, social interaction...). However, it also implies that you are unable to act independently of the co-ownership.

Apart from a balcony or terrace occasionally, flats do not have external spaces and are often smaller than houses.

the fresh home

The house is more frequently located in suburban or rural settings, as well as in residential areas. You will be the only one to make decisions about any work or improvements, which is frequently welcomed by families. You won't be able to rely on a syndic to support your efforts, though.

Please be aware that new homes in Luxembourg must comply with the passive house criteria as of January 1, 2017. (provided that the house was built after 2017). This is a significant benefit in terms of energy savings and costs associated with this element.

The old house

Older residences in Luxembourg typically cost roughly 15% less than brand-new ones. This is a crucial defence for every first-time buyer.

However, this house will require extra costs to upgrade its energy efficiency or merely to renovate the interior. Numerous grants are available to aid you with this.

Developing land

You desire to construct the home of your dreams. Purchase a building site in this situation so that you can oversee the entire construction process.