New or renovated, triple glazed windows are a must

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New or renovated, triple glazed windows are a must

There has been a law in place in Luxembourg since January 2017 called the passive standard, which mandates the use of triple glazing in all new buildings. The decision to install triple glazing during home improvements rests solely with the property's owner, who must weigh the benefits against the costs.

Modifying the woodwork to increase thermal efficiency

Because of climate change, cutting energy costs is becoming increasingly urgent. This entails adding extra layers of insulation wherever it is installed in a house. Fifteen percent to thirty percent of heat is lost through drafty old doors and windows. Due to this, their replacement can greatly enhance insulation. The use of triple glazing is one way to boost efficiency even further. However, the building envelope is not as efficient in older homes as it is in passive housing, so retrofitting is not always the best option.

"In order to achieve better results, triple glazing is frequently recommended.”

How different is triple glazing from double?

The gasses argon or krypton are trapped between two 4 mm panes of glass in double glazing. They've improved greatly in insulating ability over the years. Their ability to prevent heat loss is 6 times that of single glazing and 2.5 times that of double glazing from 25 years ago. If you have single glazed windows, you can expect a 40% reduction in heat loss by switching to double glazed windows. When it comes to insulating against the cold, nothing beats the effectiveness of triple glazing.

"You can expect a 40% reduction in heat loss from your old windows if you upgrade from single to double glazing”.

Value analysis of triple glazing during renovations

Triple glazing's efficiency is such that it deprives the caloric contribution due to the solar radiation, which is not only very pleasant in the winter but also allows for reduced heating consumption. In addition, its installation adds another 75% to the total cost and necessitates the use of bulky and thick frames. These doubts highlight the need to evaluate the work's potential payoff by factoring in the orientation of the windows and the local climate.

"Before deciding to install triple glazing, it is important to consider the home's orientation in relation to the sun and the local climate”.

Triple glazed windows, geographical location and weather conditions

Triple glazing is recommended if the local climate is extremely cold, with long winters and low levels of sunshine. Triple glazing is only necessary on north and east-facing windows in warmer climates. Triple glazing is not cost-effective and may even be counterproductive in places where the weather is consistently warm and sunny. Solar radiation during the off-season can provide enough energy to meet all or most of the heating demands in these areas. Triple-pane windows block out the sunlight that would otherwise provide this benefit, so we must forego them.

“It may be financially prudent to install triple glazing in some homes while waiting in others”.

Soundproofing and triple pane windows

In terms of noise reduction, triple glazing is excellent. Homeowners in busy neighborhoods will be keenly interested in this feature (roadside, railroad, proximity of an airport...). One more reason to consider upgrading to triple-pane windows during your next home renovation project.

"Homeowners in busy areas will prioritize soundproofing their dwellings”.