4 tips to easily sell your property in Luxembourg

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4 tips to easily sell your property in Luxembourg

If you own a home in Luxembourg and are looking to sell it, you are probably concerned about two things: getting the most money possible and selling the home quickly. When you're trying to achieve these two goals, how can you find common ground? Find out the most important information that can help anyone sell a house or apartment quickly and profitably.

1. Recommend the use of a third-party service: real estate agency

Private sale of real estate is legal in Luxembourg. Everyone has access to it, and it is within the law. However, you risk making costly mistakes if you go about it without help.

When selling your house in Luxembourg, a real estate agency can provide you with a more precise and accurate evaluation of the value of your house. Afterwards, they will only be used to advertise your house, which will increase the chances of a sale. She will be present for the signing of all the papers, but especially at the notary's office. Finally, she will be able to give you practical advice that will make your apartment more marketable and facilitate a quick sale at a fair price.

2. Always prepare the place for the clients

Your studio in the heart of Luxembourg City is for sale, right? Meticulously plan the layout of your rooms as soon as a visitor is expected. Clean and air all the rooms, arrange the furniture and remove any personal items that may be there before the announcement.

On a larger scale, you will benefit from maintaining a relaxed atmosphere in the apartment. In practical terms, this means aiming for a minimalist, unpretentious aesthetic with no knick-knacks, so that everyone can feel at home and express themselves. Reduce the amount of stuff in the room, keep only the essentials, and get rid of any posters, picture frames, or anything else that may intrude on your privacy.

3. Take a walk outside during visits

Let the agency in Luxembourg that you hired to sell your home handle all the viewings; don't attend any of the open houses. Visitors to your home will feel humiliated if you are there to greet them. They may be too afraid to fully explore the rooms, they may not dare open all the drawers and cabinets.

But in your absence, they will feel more comfortable talking to the real estate agent. They'll be more likely to stick around, ask around and make preparations. This is the best way to attract someone!

4. Communicate openly and honestly

Writing an ad for a private property sale in Luxembourg requires attention to detail. Take beautiful photos and write an accurate description that lists the qualities of each room in detail.

Make sure all potential buyers know the strengths and weaknesses of the property. Instead of trying to haggle over the price, make the effort to get rid of the downside if you think it will work!