Our 8 advice for renting a building

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Our 8 advice for renting a building

It's normal to be concerned about renting an apartment. What happens if your tenant pays the rent too late? How do you manage the risk of loss? Don't worry, it's possible to avoid problems. If you want to rent professionally, consider these eight suggestions.

1. Get in touch with your former tenant

Want a reliable tenant? You need to know about it. Find a way to communicate with your former tenant.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the property? You can make adjustments based on his response.

What kind of people does he or she know who are seriously looking for housing? Time is money, so this could help you save some.

2. Fix up your property and watch the money roll in

Is your house in bad shape? It needs a makeover!

When a tenant moves out, it's the perfect time to change the paint, replace the furnace and fix the plumbing.

This work will make it easier to find a tenant. In addition, several grants and other financial resources can help you cover your renovation costs.

3. Integrate equipment

Do you have student tenants? If so, you may want to consider equipping the apartment.

In particular, kitchens are usually equipped with cupboards, an oven, hotplates, a refrigerator and sometimes even kitchen utensils!

4. Check the origin of the tenant's financing

You've just found a potential tenant!

However, be careful; there is no rush. First, check the stability of his financial situation.

This amount should be three times the monthly rent you are asking.

Is your tenant studying at the university? A guarantor can be a single individual or a group of individuals. Be sure to verify their income before proceeding to the next step.

5. Check the prospective tenant's documents

Even if you have received the necessary documents, still check their reliability.

Check for discrepancies in the payroll, verify the existence of the business listed, etc.

These simple checks allow you to determine if the documents you have received are genuine or not.

6. Take precautions to avoid problems with unpaid bills

Even if the prospective tenant has sufficient income, it is always best to have one or more guarantors cover possible payment problems.

Arrears can also be covered by purchasing renter's insurance.

Finally, beware of clients who insist on paying in cash rather than through a bank account; this could mean financial difficulties.

7. Make sure the tenant is serious

Is the tenant careful to be cautious? Be aware that it is possible to be a reliable payer while behaving in a harmful manner.

To ensure that your new tenant does not cause problems in the neighborhood, it is recommended that you conduct a background check. Contact the tenant's previous landlord or do an online search to see what's up.

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential employer and judge them on their punctuality, responsiveness, etc. All of this will show how serious they are.

8. Use an intermediary

The last advice for renting well is to work with a real estate agency in order to take as little risk as possible. Nextimmo is at your disposal to find you the best tenants.