The window: openings with adaptable geometry

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The window: openings with adaptable geometry

The window has several opening mechanisms (tilt and turn, sliding, fixed) to meet a wide variety of needs. Find the one that suits your needs while being aesthetically pleasing.

The classic casement window

You're used to seeing this type of window, which has two huge casements that open widely inward. This model is the standard, found in virtually every home. Despite its versatility, this window is quite large. You need a space large enough to accommodate its massive opening radius. Otherwise, opt for a sliding model that is easier to conceal.

Clever double act with the tilt-and-turn window

The standard type, with its two-way access, is by far the most popular option. The space can be ventilated not only by the traditional vertical opening system, but also by a tilt-and-turn opening, the "bellows," which extends only a few inches in height. This style of window is commonly used in kitchens, as it not only allows fresh air to enter the space, but also disperses odors and harmful gases that can accumulate in this area.

Significant space savings are achieved with the sliding window

An opening like this works wonderfully with modern furniture. It features a lot of glass, so a lot of natural light can enter the space. Sliding windows, compared to standard casement windows, save a lot of space, which is an added benefit. These features are sure to be of interest to city dwellers who, with limited living space, are always looking for ways to make the most of the space they have. It's not just the kitchen and bathroom that can benefit from sliding models; the living room, bedroom and even the office can also benefit.

The fixed window, a needs-based model

Let's assume that there is no need for such an opening mechanism. Fixed windows do not open and are simply a panel of glass with no additional accessories. Where would you place such devices? The way you think about it could be. While not the most popular design, it can be modified to meet specific requirements, such as in rooms without exterior access or those on the first floor that are never used. However, the fixed window offers the same primary benefits as other windows, such as natural light and a view of the outdoors, even if it cannot be opened.

French doors are a particularly beautiful large format option

French doors, sometimes called large tilt-and-turn windows, are a variation on the standard casement window. With these doors installed in the main living areas, the patio and garden can be considered an extension of the house on warm days. The patio door is an important design element, as it provides easy access to the balcony or garden and makes the home more functional and enjoyable to use. Choose a sliding patio door if you need a large opening.