The window, in its various guises !

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The window, in its various guises !

The window puts on a performance! It's true that windows are increasingly becoming more than just functional, with a focus on aesthetics and decoration to aid in thermal and acoustic insulation. They can take on a wide variety of forms to satisfy your every whim for home decor.

The enchantingly rounded window

The arched window takes on a rounded, half-moon shape at the top, making it a highly decorative variation of the casement window. It can be used in either a modern or classic home. Its decorative value aside, it also serves to animate the home's exterior wall surface. Additionally, the qualitative aspect of it helps to improve it. Curtains and shutters will need to be tailored to its unusual shape. Two pieces of the window can be installed in the lower, operable portion of the window. The half-moon shaped upper fixed portion is open.

"The window breaks away from convention in a way that is both decorative and unexpected”.

Three times "nothing" in the triangular aperture is all it takes to alter the status quo

The window, if shaped like a triangle, can become a focal point of your design. Despite its unusual appearance, this piece of machinery is widely regarded as the gold standard for charming pieces of gear. Take note that this type of joinery is typically integrated into the gable of the roof, making an appearance in the attic. In this case, the triangular shape is the most effective because it perfectly echoes the slope of the roof.

Gently rounded windows for the home

The bull's-eye, circular form is reminiscent of a porthole and the interior of a ship. The attic, the basement, the attic, the bathroom, everywhere. Plus, its awe-inspiring silhouette allows for a variety of interpretations. It's essentially self-decorating; in large rooms, it can even be strung together like suspension points to make a stunning visual effect. The action moves up to the attic, where it takes place through a roof window or skylight. We can look through this narrow slit and see a world of opportunity. If interpreted in a larger and more permanent form, it can dominate the family room and provide a panoramic view of the outdoors.... A never-ending show that never gets old. Oval-shaped models are also available, and they can be a source of creativity for designers.

The trapeze, an unexpectedly beautiful art form

The trapeze is our next odd-shaped investigation. It is a double casement window, which fits easily under the roof's pitch. Again, both the inside and outside of the house are guaranteed to have an eye-catching visual effect that deviates from traditional design. The most mundane of facades will be given an architectural upgrade with the installation of these windows.

Taking in the scenery from every angle

The living room is the obvious location for this large and impressive window. There, its residents can take in the outside view, which is usually spectacular. This feature should make you happy if you live in a house or apartment that boasts a spectacular vista... Even more so, the room where it is installed is sure to gain an air of unparalleled sophistication thanks to its addition.