Housing: an overview of the different rental methods 

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Housing: an overview of the different rental methods 

You're on the lookout for a rental property, but you're not sure which option to choose. You can find ads for both unfurnished and fully furnished apartments, as well as roommates and student rentals, among other options. Learn the primary benefits and drawbacks of each option... Knowing that you must base your choice on what is best for you.

Placement in a student's life can be cheap, but it's not always convenient

If you are a full-time student at the University of Luxembourg, you are eligible to apply for a student housing permit from the University's Student Housing Services Office. In exchange for monthly rents ranging from €350 to €590, residents receive a fully furnished and equipped apartment that has been designed around their specific requirements. In addition, the housing is conveniently located close to the university's main campus.

As a result of their popularity, these complexes have waiting lists that stretch for miles: vacancies are still extremely scarce, so prospective tenants will need to be patient and cross their fingers if they want to move into one of these units.

The cost of furnished rentals tends to be higher, but they are perfect for a long stay

If two apartments are of similar size and have similar features, the furnished one will rent for more. But if you're a student, you probably don't have the money to buy furniture and the time to look for an apartment, so you'll want to get set up as soon as possible so you can start the year off right. When time is of the essence and a short- or medium-term move is necessary, a furnished apartment may seem like the best option because all you need to do is unpack.

“An apartment with furniture will rent for more than an empty one of the same size and quality”.

However, if you choose this way of life, you won't have much leeway to make your belongings truly your own because they will already be furnished. It's important to learn how to make do with what you have and not feel bad about making do with furniture that isn't yours.

The "empty" location requires some planning, but proves to be reachable

Apartments that have been completely stripped of all furnishings are widely available on the local real estate market. They are more common than fully furnished accommodations and typically cost less. Once the bail is signed, you have complete leeway in matters of design, including color schemes and furniture purchases.

Your installation time may increase if you have to move into a place without furniture, so keep that in mind if you need a temporary residence quickly. In fact, you'll be forced to pay for your own tools and machinery in addition to the moving costs (brokerage fees, security deposits, etc.). The "null" location is ideal for long-term projects but is of little interest to students and temporary workers who may relocate at any time.

“Having to wait to get settled in because of a lack of furnishings is not an option when you need temporary housing quickly”.

Colocation is a cost-saving option with some drawbacks

Colocation may be the best option for you if you're looking for a move-in ready home at an affordable monthly rent. There is a lot more organization required when living with multiple people, but many people thrive in this environment.

Our advice is to carefully investigate the type of bail that has been signed and the consequences of doing so before entering into a colocation. Single-tenant leases that include a solidarity clause require all tenants to pay the full rent at once (if one tenant accumulates unpaid amounts, the remaining tenants must pay more to pay the full amount to the landlord). On the other hand, you are only responsible for your share of the rent under an independent contract.

Each rental option comes with its own set of pros and cons; weigh your options and make your decision based on the specifics of your project (and don't be afraid to ask for help from the rental agency if you need it).