What are the technical real estate diagnoses before the sale?

What are the technical real estate diagnoses before the sale?

In order to sell a property in Luxembourg, a series of in-depth technical diagnostics of the property must be carried out. These mandatory or strongly recommended diagnostics must ensure the quality of the building and its energy efficiency.

Technical diagnoses: checks on the structure of the building

Diagnosis of the exposure to asbestos

Asbestos was widely used before its ban in 2001 due to its technical efficiency, its identification as a health hazard serves as a safety guarantee for potential buyers. Since 2007, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg requires regular inspections before and after construction projects to mitigate the potential dangers posed by the confirmed presence of the material.

Lead diagnosis

Although this diagnosis is not mandatory, it helps to alleviate the fears of potential buyers because the material it refers to is itself extremely dangerous to human health. The use of lead in interior paint was common in the past, but has been illegal in Luxembourg since 1949. Note that only well-trained experts should perform this analysis.

Moisture diagnosis

Even if a moisture analysis is not necessary in this scenario, it can still help the seller if it shows that the substrate is in good condition for construction. Especially if you know the extent of damage caused by the appearance of Salpeter (on putty, gips, upholstery, walls and decks) and merula (on retaining walls, roof supports, railings, pavers and cement). Don't forget the diseases exacerbated by humidity (rhinitis, asthma, bronchitis...).

The energy balance

Energy efficiency verification document (Energy Performance Certificate)

Since the Grand-Ducal regulation of November 30, 2007, the sale of a building requires an energy efficiency certificate called energy performance certificate (CPE) or energy passport (Energiausweis). It indicates the energy efficiency class, the thermal insulation class and the CO2 emissions. Don't forget that since January 1, 2017, all new construction must meet strict requirements allowing for near-zero energy consumption (NZEB NearlyZero Energy Building), or class AAA.

BlowerDoor Test

Existing structures are not required to undergo the BlowerDoor Test unless the owner intends to apply for a grant to install mechanical ventilation. However, it focuses primarily on indicating potential air and water leaks in the home and offers advice on how to muffle the noise they make. This test is mandatory for all newly built homes, and the results are used to determine the energy rating of the apartment.

These technical property diagnoses must be initiated by the property owner and performed by trained professionals. Prices vary depending on the location of the property, its size and the options chosen by the owner, such as whether or not he/she wishes to benefit from the strongly recommended tests as well as the mandatory ones.