A Seamless Fusion of Living Space and Aesthetics - Tapis d’Orient & Nextimmo!

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A Seamless Fusion of Living Space and Aesthetics - Tapis d’Orient & Nextimmo!

A room without a carpet is like a body without a soul, and that's precisely what Tapis d’Orient represents, offering distinctive and exquisite rugs that enchant any environment. But what happens when the leading expert in carpets joins hands with a visionary real estate company, Nextimmo? It creates an impressive union of style, comfort, and class.

The Riches of Tapis d’Orient

Tapis d’Orient is more than just a carpet provider. It's a place where antique and modern art blend in sophisticated ways to create unique, handcrafted works of art. Whether it's about buying or selling, Tapis d’Orient ensures you enjoy a genuine, high-quality experience.

With a respectable portfolio ranging from repair to restoration, Tapis d’Orient also offers a comprehensive rug repair service aimed at preserving the longevity of your precious pieces.

Not to forget, the ecological footprint. The ecological handwashing of rugs ensures that each piece is treated with utmost care and consideration for Mother Nature.

Nextimmo - Your Next Home Awaits

Nextimmo, an outstanding real estate company, aims to provide its customers not just a house but a home. By combining extensive market experience with an immense portfolio of real estate options, Nextimmo redefines real estate acquisition by finding suitable environments for every individual taste and requirement.

The Synthesis - Art Meets Real Estate

What happens when the aesthetic perfection of Tapis d’Orient meets the real estate expertise of Nextimmo? A collaboration that aims to create spaces that are both functional and visually impressive.

Figuratively speaking, think of a space that Nextimmo finds for you and perfects it with a magnificent rug from Tapis d’Orient. It's meticulously cleaned, restored, and seamlessly integrated into your new home, creating a stunning fusion of style and homeliness.

The collaboration between Tapis d’Orient and Nextimmo signifies more than just business; it symbolizes a mission to transform your living spaces into works of art where every moment counts.

This partnership allows customers not only to find a high-quality home but also to adorn it with rugs that tell stories and endure generations. Every room, every house is transformed into an experience that is both timeless and authentic through this effortless merging of space and textiles.


Experience a living culture that is both personal and representative through the harmonious alliance of Tapis d’Orient and Nextimmo. Infuse your space with a soul through a masterfully crafted rug and let your home speak through a handpicked selection of real estate options.

Discover the unexplored potential of your spaces and let us accompany you on a journey to a home that both speaks and listens.