Spittelhof, Flaxweiler: the charm of a Luxembourg village

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Spittelhof, Flaxweiler: the charm of a Luxembourg village

Located in the commune of Flaxweiler, the village of Spittelhof embodies the authentic charm of the Luxembourg countryside. Discover why Spittelhof is a sought-after place to live for those who appreciate tranquillity, natural beauty and authenticity.

An exceptional natural setting

Spittelhof is surrounded by lush, unspoilt nature. The region is characterized by vast fields, lush meadows and rolling landscapes that invite you to discover the local flora and fauna. Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty of opportunities for hiking and other outdoor activities.

The serenity of the countryside

Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, Spittelhof offers a peaceful and serene way of life. Quiet streets and traditional stone houses give the village a timeless atmosphere. It's a place where time seems to flow slowly, ideal for escaping the stresses of modern life.

Cultural heritage

Spittelhof is proud of its cultural heritage. Here you can discover old houses with slate roofs, historic churches and preserved traditions. Spittelhof's inhabitants are attached to the authenticity of their village, which is reflected in its architecture and local life.

Close to the city

Spittelhof is not isolated, despite its location in the middle of nature. Luxembourg City is easily accessible by car, offering the best of both worlds: the tranquility of the countryside and the proximity of the city.

A United Community

Spittelhof is home to a warm and welcoming community. Residents often know each other personally, creating a strong sense of neighborliness. Community events, traditional festivals and social activities strengthen the bonds between residents.


Spittelhof, located in the commune of Flaxweiler in Luxembourg, is a village that embodies the authentic charm of the Luxembourg countryside. With its natural surroundings, serene atmosphere, cultural heritage and proximity to Luxembourg City, Spittelhof offers an exceptional living environment. If you're looking for a place where tranquility and natural beauty combine with the authenticity of a Luxembourg village, Spittelhof is the place for you. Come and discover the charm of the Luxembourg countryside at Spittelhof, a village where life slows down to better appreciate life's simple pleasures.