A small balcony with big potential

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A small balcony with big potential

Even if the balcony isn't counted as part of the apartment's square footage, it can still add significantly to the home's livability and appeal. If you're looking to buy or lease a home in the near future, this tiny area should be high on your priority list.

The balcony, a small space with big potential

The balcony, which is rarely used to its full potential, presents exciting new avenues for growth, particularly in urban settings where it can introduce a touch of nature to the lives of city dwellers. It can be converted into a real miniature garden, complete with flower and vegetable plantings, for very little money. When closed, it transforms into a loggia, which is like a real living room in that it can be used year-round.

“Creative use of the balcony's space is encouraged”.

Overlooking the street on a balcony with great exposure

A balcony's usability depends on whether or not it receives adequate sunlight. It's simple to foresee how a south-facing balcony, which receives sunlight for the majority of the day, would be preferable to a north-facing balcony, which would be in the shade for most of the day. On the other hand, orientation isn't the only thing a buyer should look at. He should also make sure the sun can shine through. Even if your balcony faces south or west, its light may be blocked by a nearby building, wall, tree, etc. in a city. Check that your lovely balcony isn't shaded by going to the apartment multiple times under varying weather conditions if you're worried about it.

“A balcony is only useful if it receives direct sunlight; otherwise, you might as well not have one”.

A hidden balcony with a beautiful view

Your future miniature garden will benefit greatly from a higher floor and a nice view, but these factors also increase the cost. The balcony's usability will be diminished if it faces an unappealing view, but the situation is not hopeless. There are methods to conceal one's identity. Woven bamboo panels are more durable than the traditional straw or wood cane that is often used for privacy. The versatility of bamboo allows for a wide range of applications. They will make a lovely green screen when planted in large decorative pots. Climbing plants supported by trellises can be just as effective. Awnings, pergolas, and even simple parasols can be installed for additional protection from the sun and prying eyes.

It's true that the balcony won't be as appealing if there's a distracting view, but that doesn't mean it's useless.

It's loggia time when the balcony transforms!

If windows or bay windows are installed to completely enclose the balcony on both ends, it is transformed into a loggia. The transformation creates the impression of a small veranda, a true additional room that can be used throughout the year. By installing sliding glass panels, you can enjoy a space that feels like a classic balcony in the summer and a closed veranda in the winter. The apartment's loggia isn't included in the square footage, but it can function as if it were, thanks to its proximity to the main living area and abundance of windows.

“Even though it is not technically part of the apartment, the loggia can be used as a spare bedroom if needed”.

Become familiar with the condo association's regulations To help you visualize what you could do with your future apartment, you should ignore its current purpose when you visit it. Confirm that the proposed alterations are permitted by the condominium's bylaws before moving forward with your plans.