Real estate sale: sell your property in good conditions

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Real estate sale: sell your property in good conditions

Putting a property up for sale is a stressful process for any owner because it requires them to make important decisions. Selling your home as soon as possible and for the highest possible price is crucial. How can we guarantee that we adhere to ethical standards? How can I best position myself to make a sale at this time? Please use the following guidelines as you organize this crucial undertaking.

Consult with professionals in the field to determine the true value of your home

Don't get it wrong when defining the selling price because it affects the entire procedure. Certainly easier to say than to pull off... The owner's emotional attachment to the property competes with its monetary worth when the owner also makes their home there. It's true that the homeowner has put in a lot of time and effort to make their house as nice as it can be. But that's just how he sees the property in his head...

Because attachment does not exist from the perspective of the prospective buyers, it should not be a stumbling block when trying to sell the property. In order to go the extra mile, it is still recommended that you consult with real estate professionals in order to get a rough price range. The expert can inform the seller of all the relevant objective factors in the housing market that should be taken into account when determining an appropriate asking price (the one that will allow to finalize the sale quickly, while offering the most important sum possible to the seller).

Attachment is not an issue when selling a home because potential buyers won't feel any emotional ties to the place.

Get your property ready for sale by preparing the appropriate paperwork.

If you want to close a sale lawfully in Luxembourg, you'll need to provide an energy performance certificate. The buyer also needs to see the past few months' worth of energy bills to get an idea of the total cost of ownership. The minutes of the most recent general meetings of co-owners are also included in this category of necessary paperwork, especially in the case of a building, but may also apply to a house.

You can get a head start on the sale by preparing all the paperwork before you even start talking to potential buyers. The opposite is true, however: if you skip over a few formalities, you might miss out on some fantastic chances. Indeed, purchasers lose interest once they discover crucial paperwork is missing... They will not put their trust in you unless you provide an EPC (energy performance certificate).

Real estate sale: have you considered staging the home?

You can boost the likelihood of a positive first impression when guests come to your home if you stage it attractively. Indeed, some small and inexpensive works can really facilitate the sale: repainting the walls in white to refresh the rooms, removing some furniture that is too bulky and tends to reduce the available space, storing away in the attic the photographs and decorative objects that are too personal, etc.

Small, low-cost repairs can do wonders for facilitating a sale.

Keep in mind that everyone who comes to your house must be able to "be themselves." As such, even if a complete overhaul of the home's furnishings and decor is out of the question, you should take steps to ensure that the space is as unobtrusive as possible.

The final deciding factor is the real estate firm you select. If you want to make a variety of "first contacts" with the nearby buildings, don't be afraid to get multiple estimates on your property. You want to work with a company that has a regular presence in your area, but more importantly, you want to work with someone you can put your trust in. The real estate agent will take over the showings and other administrative tasks on your behalf; trust in their expertise and let them handle the sale with closed eyes.

Keep in mind that the broker who claims the highest asking price isn't necessarily the most trustworthy; instead, an evaluation should always be backed up by evidence like comparable sales, market data, square footage of living space, and so on.

The most trustworthy broker is not necessarily the one who offers the highest price.