How to secure your windows and glazing?

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How to secure your windows and glazing?

The traditional window selection criteria of thermal efficiency, soundproofing, and UV protection are no longer sufficient. Protecting the home from intruders is a top priority, so modern doors and windows are fitted with sophisticated security mechanisms. Have you met them before?

Despite their fragility, windows are surprisingly sturdy

In just 10 seconds, any window can be opened with a screwdriver, regardless of its material (wood, PVC, or aluminum). Because they have so little time, burglars want to gain entry to the home as quickly as they can. The primary goal of most security measures is to buy time until the threat has passed. Reinforced frames, multiple locking points, and hinges make it nearly impossible to force entry through security openings.

"Security procedures are put in place primarily to delay an intruder until the right moment comes to strike."

Locks are placed in window cranks

Many burglaries can be prevented simply by using the inside handle on a window or patio door, as these are the weak points that intruders focus on when selecting homes to target. They select the most convenient approach, such as shattering the glass or making a hole in the frame to feed a wire through and activate the internal knob. It's simple to prevent this kind of invasion by taking precautions. It would be a shame not to have lockable handles on your windows, patio doors, and picture windows because doing so is simple and inexpensive.

“French windows, bay windows, and any other type of window can have lockable handles installed with little effort”.

The laminated glass is resistant to shocks

Laminated glass can be installed in windows, French windows, and bay windows to make them more burglar-proof. The impact resistance of this glazing is enhanced by a PVB plastic film sandwiched between the panes of glass. The splinters will stay in place no matter how many times a burglar hits it with a sledgehammer, forcing him to abandon his original plan or come up with an entirely new one. The first-floor windows are the most important ones to lock down because they can be reached quickly and easily. The resistance of laminated glass ranges from 1 to 6, and is used to categorize various types of laminated glass. Glass with a rating of RC2 is what you want for residential use.

“The first-floor openings are the most pressing to protect because of their convenience”.

When it comes to safety, triple-glazed windows are the way to go

Triple glazing, which typically ranges in thickness from 32 to 36 mm, can give the impression of invulnerability. However, it does not provide enough security to ward off intruders. If you want to make it more burglar-proof, you can switch out the outer glass for laminated glass, which will make it much more sturdy.

“To make the exterior more burglar-proof, laminated glass can be installed in the windows”.

Even if you have all of these devices installed, burglars can still be deterred with the addition of an alarm.