Why it's the right time to invest in new real estate?

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Rudolphe ABEN

Why it's the right time to invest in new real estate?

With recent government announcements introducing new tax incentives for those considering buying new real estate in 2024, it seems like the perfect time to invest. These aids, available for a limited time, offer a unique opportunity for buyers.

Moreover, financing conditions have never been more attractive, especially for properties with high energy performance. Preferential rates are now accessible, reaching up to 3.4% for properties with an "A" energy passport, thanks to negotiations conducted by Nextimmo partners. This means substantial savings on the total cost of your mortgage.

In this favorable context, Nextimmo is launching "New Property Months," an initiative designed to guide you towards the best opportunities for off-plan property purchases (VEFA). This campaign will allow you to receive directly in your inbox:

  • A weekly selection of new real estate programs,
  • Detailed explanations about new government aids,
  • Practical guides to facilitate your real estate purchase in Luxembourg,
  • Interviews with local developers to explore the future of certain neighborhoods and cities in Luxembourg.

This moment is particularly conducive for investors and prospective homeowners eager to enjoy the benefits of new properties, both financially and in terms of quality of life. New real estate not only offers superior energy performance but also modern designs and extended builder warranties.

Nextimmo real estate agency invites you to seize this opportunity. Our team is at your disposal to accompany you in your purchase project, providing expert and personalized advice. Whether you are looking for your future primary residence or a rental investment, Nextimmo is your trusted partner to navigate the Luxembourg real estate market.

Don't wait any longer to realize your real estate project. Contact Nextimmo now to discover how we can help you make the most of this unique opportunity.