4 reasons to buy a new property in Luxembourg

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4 reasons to buy a new property in Luxembourg

You hesitate between buying an old apartment (which would be cheaper) or taking advantage of a developer's offer to buy a new house. What are the advantages of moving to a new home in Luxembourg? The extra expense is offset by the long-term benefits of increased peace of mind.

Enjoy first-class amenities and imagine yourself in a home built just for you

In theory, you will be dealing with a developer if you decide to buy a new home in Luxembourg. The builder will give you a lot of leeway to decide how your new home will look, feel and function. For example, you can customize the bathroom floor with tiles or another material, the living room floor with laminate, the kitchen layout according to your preferences and the bathroom equipment according to your tastes (vanity, walk-in shower, towel warmer, etc.)

Ten-year security guarantee on all new properties in Luxembourg

The buyer of a new home in Luxembourg can rest easy, as the warranty period extends for a full decade after the completion of the building. In other words, you have preferential protection against potential defects. In the event of a moisture problem that threatens the structural integrity of the building, for example, the insurer will take over and pay for the necessary repairs.

Budgetary savings thanks to tax and notary benefits

Buyers of primary residences in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg can benefit from a reduced VAT rate of only 3% on all newly built houses. Keep in mind that the VAT rate will be 17% if you buy with the intention of renting it out later. However, the reduced registration fee will benefit you whether you intend to live in or rent the home.

If you want to spend less on utilities over time, opt for an energy-efficient home

You can find luxury properties in Luxembourg City, for example, by checking out the many new programs available. Indeed, several builders specialize in designing luxurious homes with exceptional interior amenities. These homes are also desirable because of their minimal energy consumption.

In fact, as of January 1, 2017, all newly built structures within the borders of the Grand Duchy must be certified as Class AAA efficiency. They insulate superbly and allow you to turn up the heat without wasting much energy. If you use the data provided in the energy passport, you can predict: you will notice that you will pay much less electricity or gas per year if you choose a newer home than an older one.

The advantages of buying a new home in Luxembourg are numerous and easily noticeable, which is why many people are willing to take out larger loans and extend their repayment period.