How to read and analyze the plan for your new home?

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How to read and analyze the plan for your new home?

When you buy a home before it is completed, you have the opportunity to choose many details, from furnishings to flooring, and you can move right into your new home without having to worry about renovations. However, potential homeowners often have a hard time visualizing themselves in their home during the construction period; here are some suggestions to help you better understand the floor plan of your house or apartment.

Discover the information contained in the title block

The title block contains crucial information about your project, but it often goes unnoticed by novices because of its location in the margins of the plan. Even if you have no idea what a "floor plan" is, it is essential to have one, as it shows the location of your property in the building in relation to other apartments, the street and outdoor spaces. This allows you to anticipate any disturbances that may occur.

A compass rose, showing the orientation of the rooms and the path of the sun, is also located in this enclosed space. Formalities such as property type (T1, T2, T3, etc.), area (for houses) or surface area (for commercial lots) will reflect your previous choices (names created by developers, which vary in usage and do not meet any specific standard).

Important Abbreviations to Remember for Facilities

Each apartment floor plan will include two- or three-letter acronyms designating the rooms for the major household and electronic equipment you will use on a regular basis. The best-known examples are those that designate the most common appliances:

  • For the dishwasher, LV
  • For the washing machine, LL.
  • For the refrigerator, RF
  • For cooking, CU

You can expect some work to be done before you move in to adapt the apartment to your needs; for example, if the location of the washing machine does not suit you, you can plan to install a water inlet and outlet elsewhere. In addition, there are additional indicators that refer more simply to specific locations:

  • SDE: for shower room with shower
  • SDB : for bathroom with bathtub
  • DGT : for clearance
  • PL: for closet

A window door (designated by PF), roller shutters (designated by VR), and a privacy screen (designated by PV) are all indicated by these abbreviations. The presence of the electrical panel is indicated by the letters "TE" in the last step.

Plan your apartment move with ease by following these tips!

It is possible that you still have doubts about the plan of your house or apartment, even if you have understood the meaning of each aspect. Do not hesitate to contact the developer of the property for more information.

Depending on the specifics, various solutions are possible. For example, some service providers are beginning to incorporate virtual reality into their offerings so that their clients can visualize their finished home and make material choices before construction (paint colors, window frames, etc.). If possible, it is recommended that you visit a model home with a sales agent so that you can relate the experience to the project at hand.