How to put your own stamp on your new home!

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How to put your own stamp on your new home!

When you move into a new apartment, you're not necessarily entering a pristine, unfurnished space. When you make a reservation, you'll have the opportunity to select several customization options that will allow you to make your home truly your own. When you finally get all of your boxes unpacked, here are some ways to make yourself at home right away.

Get in there early and do some customizing to make the place feel like home

Reserving a home means you can immediately begin planning how you'll make each room uniquely your own. Contacts (sales reps, promoters) can be helpful in this regard because it can be difficult to do this with only a plan and computer-generated images.

In practice, this means you can quickly and easily voice a desire to alter the physical placement of particular dividers. There is no rule that says you can't convert an office into a guest room or open up the kitchen to the dining room.

"You can communicate your desire to relocate specific partitions as soon as possible”.

Every member of the household has their own preferences and routines, so the "default" solutions from builders aren't always the best option in the kitchen. That's why it's important to plan ahead for the kitchen's layout in a new home, from where you'll put the appliances to how you'll arrange the cabinets, and even down to how you'll open and close the various compartments.

Making adjustments to the placement of wires and plugs

Since the apartment you're buying is being "built for you," it's important to carefully inspect the floor plan and mark the locations of all switches, light switches, and water inlets and outlets. Again, if you don't think the options presented are right, don't be afraid to ask for alternatives.

There is no hard and fast rule against relocating a washing machine from the kitchen to the bathroom, or even creating a separate space specifically for laundry. Make all of your suggestions and ask all of your questions within the constraints of the available space, and we will lead you through the rest of the work, explaining what is possible and where compromises will be necessary.

Finally, it's crucial to clearly label where each plug-in is situated. Though seemingly unimportant now, the best decisions will pay off greatly once you're actually living in your new home.

“Please clearly label the location of each power outlet”.

Picking out the final touches: the paint, the fixtures, and the furniture

When you buy a new apartment, you have a lot of options for how you can customize the space aesthetically, even beyond the major changes that may require work and the help of specialized tradespeople.

Bathroom towel radiator and ceiling-mounted toilet; separate shower and tub; tile or hardwood flooring; wall colors; etc. Typically, there are a plethora of options from which to choose when visualizing your ideal home. Make the most of it!