What phrase makes a real estate agent angry?

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What phrase makes a real estate agent angry?

There are many phrases that can make a real estate agent angry, but some are more likely to cause a negative reaction than others. Here are some phrases to avoid when working with an agent:

"I don't need your help." This phrase can make the agent feel that his or her expertise is not valued or that his or her work is useless.

"I know the market better than you". This comment can imply a lack of experience and knowledge on the part of the agent, which can be insulting.

"I'll find another broker". This comment can imply that the agent is not doing a good job, which can be hurtful to them and their career.

"You're not working hard enough." This comment can make the agent feel that they are not competent or not working hard enough to earn their commission.

"You're lying to me." This comment can indicate that the broker is dishonest and can destroy trust in the relationship.

It's important to be respectful of each other and respect the broker's feelings and efforts, even if you don't always agree. Positive relationships and open communication can help you avoid conflict and achieve your real estate goals.