Nextimmo: Real estate detectives !

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Rudolphe ABEN

Nextimmo: Real estate detectives !

Welcome to the world of Nextimmo LLC, where every sale and purchase of a house is like solving a great mystery. Here, we don't just sell houses or apartments; we ensure that everything is clear and clean, without hidden stories.

Who owns what? A grand investigation

Imagine trying to figure out who is behind a large corporation. At Nextimmo, it's a bit like the work of detectives: they seek to uncover the true owners behind the companies purchasing properties. Sometimes, it's straightforward. But other times, it's like following a thread in a labyrinth, especially when dealing with complex companies with lots of paperwork and contracts.

The secrets of trusts

When encountering trusts or fiduciaries, that's when things get really interesting. These structures can obscure who truly owns a property. Nextimmo delves into these mysteries to ensure that behind every purchase, there is clean money.

Beware of important individuals

Some individuals, due to their profession or status, can easily find themselves in shady dealings. Nextimmo scrutinizes them closely to ensure they are not using real estate to hide or launder money.

Why does this matter?

For Nextimmo, knowing these stories isn't just about following the rules. It's their way of guaranteeing that everyone plays fair. They want that when you buy or sell a house with them, you can be sure that everything is clear and honest.

Follow Nextimmo on their mission for a more transparent real estate world, where every transaction is as clear as crystal-clear water.