Advises and tips to minimize real estate tourists!

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Advises and tips to minimize real estate tourists!

Do you know what real estate tourists are? These are people who call you about your real estate ad and visit the property without being genuinely interested. These people waste your valuable time. Moreover, they can be very demotivating, because you place in each new prospect the hope that he can buy your house or apartment. Real estate tourists never do.

Identifying false prospects: not an easy task

There are different reasons why some people may lie to you about their interest in your property. They may simply want to see the interior of your home or to see how other people are settling in. Sometimes they do it to compare your property with theirs. They want to estimate the value of your home. Sometimes, fake buyers are even sincerely interested in buying a property, but don't know if your property would be suitable for them. Experienced real estate agents openly admit that it is sometimes difficult to identify fake buyers. But it's not impossible.

Tips and Tricks to minimize visit tourism

You can't get inside someone's head, but you can reduce visit tourism by taking the following steps:

  • Create a relevant description that limits the number of people interested.
  • Publish realistic photos of the property to avoid disappointment.
  • Use 360 degree tours. Only people who provide their email address can access them.
  • Make phone calls to interested parties to gauge their intentions.
  • Offer more tours on weekdays. Real estate tourists prefer to come on weekends as it is their leisure time.

Selling without stress with a real estate agent

Want to avoid trouble with real estate tourists altogether? Then a real estate agent is the right person to talk to. He or she takes care of the whole selling process, from the estimation of the value to the handover of the property. This way, you save time and trouble, because he carefully selects solvent potential buyers thanks to his long experience.