Kitchen renovation: what's new in 2023?

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Kitchen renovation: what's new in 2023?

Remodeling your kitchen is a great way to reflect the changing times and your own personal preferences. The modern kitchen is so much more than just a functional area for cooking. As it is now an integral part of the living space, it serves as a true living room.

The concept of an open kitchen remains popular today

In its day, the "American" kitchen's open layout to the living room was revolutionary. Even after all these years, its utilitarian and social qualities are still highly regarded. It's also developed over time. The days of a row of perfectly matched cabinets and a simple bar separating the kitchen from the living room are over. In today's ever-evolving and wildly diverse culinary landscape, the kitchen takes many shapes and forms. No longer do we shy away from composing with contrasting colors or combining open and closed forms. We take risks with color and texture, combining them in unexpected ways to produce unique environments. The modern kitchens despise routine and are built to suit each individual's taste and requirements.

There is a growing trend toward seamless integration between the kitchen and the living room

In many modern homes, the kitchen and the living room are combined into one large space. Careful consideration of the kitchen's style, colors, and material effects is required to ensure a seamless transition from the kitchen to the living room. Everything should go together nicely in the living room. That's why some interior designers advocate ditching those bulky wall units in favor of a few well-placed shelves, much like you'd find in a living room, to display your favorite trinkets.

"You're going to love the new kitchens because they were designed with your input”.

The addition of an island signifies a major improvement

The island in the kitchen has been a popular choice for a number of years now. It is the only kitchen featured in home design magazines, where its unique, social, and practical design has been praised. It doesn't take long for us to fall for this versatile layout. It's easy to keep tabs on the kids, chat with loved ones, and get dinner on the table thanks to the island's convenient layout. The island can be extended and transformed into a large table, perfect for Sunday brunch or an informal aperitif. This new piece of furniture bridges the gap between the table and the desk, and takes advantage of the trend toward a less stressful lifestyle by adapting to a wide variety of uses and environments.

Innovative Countertop Materials

Quartz composite, a material admired for its great resistance and antimicrobial qualities and which can be polished, is being used as a plaything in our material effects for kitchen worktops. Marble is increasingly being used for worktops, despite being poorly suited for the purpose. Granite is another unexpected material, and it is available in a wide range of colors (beige, sand, white, and gray) that can be used in a variety of compositions without fear of clashing.