Interior design trends for autumn 2022

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Interior design trends for autumn 2022

A yearning for revitalization permeates the air, despite the fall season. If there was a speed penalty to embracing the minimalist decorating trend, we certainly wouldn't see it indoors. The new fall 2022 decorations seems to confirm this trend. A fantastic excuse to watch the first episode of the new season.

The color green reappears in all the ornamentation

Green, which had been all but abandoned, is making a stunning comeback. This rediscovery is truly groundbreaking as it is currently trending in many product categories, including interior design staples such as wallpaper, upholstery and textiles, as well as new applications such as table and floor decor. We love it so much that we turn down the full range of tones it's available in (from pale to deep), but we know that if we gave in just a little more, it would become an absolute necessity. The wallpaper industry is capitalizing on this trend with lush, oversized floral and foliage patterns. Stepping out of the purity that has been the norm recently seems to be the only option.

It's all about contrast, whether it's between bright and soft hues or between different types of decorations

Those who aren't quite ready to add green to their decor can choose a variety of other moods by focusing on a handful of the season's most eye-catching colors, such as yellow, blue or orange, or by going in the opposite direction and opting for much softer, simpler tones to incorporate, such as powdered pink or cream.

Gold to wake you up this fall!

Gold, another staple of this season's decor, is a great way to energize a space. A gold metal table or a modest decorative accent on a piece of furniture are subtle ways to bring gold into your home. You can use as much or as little as you like, depending on your taste and mood at the time.

The importance of using natural materials continues to grow this season

More and more people, in this environmentally conscious era, prefer to use natural materials. Because of its long history and popularity, linen has become a popular choice for furnishing materials. Present in a big way in the world of bed and bath linens this season. So much so that we wonder if it's really possible to sleep on anything other than linen, the ultimate in luxury and ease.

The way you hold us, rattan

Another naturally trendy material, rattan reflects both the eco-conscious movement and the bohemian aesthetic popular in the 1970s. In the furniture industry, it is used with wood to give an old sideboard or table a new look. This risk has paid off, as these once extremely conventional pieces of furniture now look completely different. You can find rattan in the accessories department, where it is interpreted as planters, wastebaskets and storage baskets, or in the lighting department, where it is present in almost endless quantities. Rattan, the star of another season, is now commonly used in furniture construction, including dressers, sofas and stools.

Lots and lots of flowers

As if in a burst of summer nostalgia, flowers have decided to defy the change of season by staying indoors until fall. They abound in wallpaper and textile designs.