3 ideas for planning a new kitchen in 2023

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3 ideas for planning a new kitchen in 2023

Putting in a new kitchen in 2023? If you're stuck for ideas or just want to make this area more pleasant, functional, and inviting, here are some suggestions to get you started... In fact, we think it's great if you make use of the new opportunities that have arisen because of the developments in the industry. Make sure your decisions are ones you can still live with in a few years, and don't settle for something you'll grow tired of.

Wood, a material whose worth increases with age

The most natural materials are making a comeback in interior design in 2023. For this reason, it's not surprising to see lots of wood in contemporary homes, whether it's for the furniture, the floors, or the decorations.

Don't be afraid to use raw wood with visible grain in the kitchen; it adds to the space's genuine charm. Wood's allure comes not just from its visual appeal but also from its tactile one. You can get a high-end look without breaking the bank by using a laminate that looks almost identical to real wood.

“Some laminates surprisingly mimic the look of solid wood, allowing you to get a high-end look without breaking the bank”.

Naturally, a special treatment will be applied to the kitchen's wooden cabinets and other wooden worktops to make them long-lasting and resistant, in particular to the humidity in the room.

The kitchen is also given a boost by the decor

The kitchen has been seen as a purely functional space for quite some time. The point was to have everything you needed within easy reach, without sacrificing convenience for the sake of ambiance.

As people spend more and more time in their living rooms, they increasingly want to personalize the space (in a context where the "homemade" resumes its titles of nobility). For this reason, installing design lights and even green plants on shelves and adding trinkets will come across as authentic and distinctive individual touches.

What is the primary benefit of this option? There's no reason why you can't switch up the decor whenever boredom strikes; there's no need to hire professionals or spend a lot of money.

Kitchens, open or closed: the benefits of compromise

Many people ordering an apartment on plan consider whether they would prefer an open or closed kitchen, with full awareness of the pros and cons of each.

These days, it's more common to settle on compromises that allow you to set boundaries without completely closing off the kitchen. Glass walls, for instance, can separate the kitchen from the rest of the house while still allowing the light from the living room to shine through and brighten up meal prep.

In 2023, when designing a new house to the highest thermal standards, we naturally also consider sustainable development. As a result, choose energy-efficient appliances and don't be shy about exploring cutting-edge developments like the internet-connected fridge for streamlined food waste management.