4 ideas for a relaxing vacation at home

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4 ideas for a relaxing vacation at home

You and your family have decided to spend the winter vacations at home and are looking for activities to do. There are many ways to relax and unwind in the comfort of your own home, so don't worry. Here are a few ideas to get you through the next few days with a healthy dose of fun, togetherness and originality.

Try setting up a tent in your backyard for a change of pace

Camping at home, if you're lucky enough to have one, forces you to abandon the routines you keep all year. Pitch a tent, inflate the mattresses, plant some sardines and spend the night under the stars.

Feel free to have an appetizer or even a picnic in the backyard to enhance the realism and fun of your experience. An outdoor picnic, with the carpet on the ground instead of the table, and the winter salads you crave is another option if you don't have access to a garden space.

Consider a yoga and gym session

Being mentally and physically fit while never leaving the house is totally doable. Get in shape with friends or family and have fun with real mini workouts at home.

It can be fun to link gymnastics moves, and you can even have the kids compete in rollovers and handstands. Don't be afraid to schedule some yoga or stretching to relax. If you modify the activities to suit the level of the children, everyone can have fun.

Have contests in areas such as magic, hairdressing and taste

Kids can learn while having fun with family and friends at one of many different events. Modify the program to suit your preferences and the interests of your young charges. Magic contests are a great way to test skills and creativity, and are sure to be enjoyed by trick-or-treaters.

As an added challenge, hold a blind tasting contest to see who can rate the best dishes without the benefit of sight. This is also an opportunity to teach kids something new in a fun setting. You can have a contest based on anything from hair and makeup to a sporting event or a mental challenge.

On vacation at home, I simply relax

Recharge your batteries at home even if you can't go on vacation. Give yourself permission to relax when the kids are busy and your partner is watching them. Anything that helps you get your energy back!

You should try something new and shake up your routine. Chances are, it will influence how you spend your next vacation. But first, you need to stop wasting time running around and start looking around. Have fun, recharge your batteries, and return to the school routine with renewed vigor.