Green spaces in the city, rural oases in the desert

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Green spaces in the city, rural oases in the desert

The longing to have a garden of one's own returns every spring when temperatures rise. Depending on where you plan to plant your roots, the dream of purchasing a house or apartment complete with a garden may be within reach. Relocating away from a major city is often necessary to fulfill the dream of having your own garden, which places limitations that should not be taken lightly.

City dwellers' ultimate fantasy: a home with a garden

Because of the chaos, pollution, and insecurity of city life, some city dwellers opt to relocate to the suburbs. The allure of a house with a garden in a picturesque setting is tempered by the reality that it is not cheap to settle down there, especially in the inner suburbs. If you're willing to move a little further away from your desired location and into a market with less competition, you may have an easier time locating a property of this kind.

“Some city dwellers move to the suburbs to get away from the traffic, pollution, and crime of the city”.

Distances that can add up in cost

If the buyer decides to settle in the country, he or she will likely incur significant transportation costs and time commitments getting to and from work. Some people will say that they are willing to pay this price for peace and quiet, and that they would never want to return to their old life in the city. However, for some, the novelty wears off quickly, and what started out as a pleasant vision of a rural garden becomes a burdensome reality. Having a car is optional in the city but becomes necessary once you move out to the suburbs or rural areas, unless you want to rely on inconvenient and time-consuming public transportation. The time and money spent on such travel must be considered...

A garden-style apartment

Some apartments on the ground floor, some of which include a private garden, can stand in for a house. The buyer has free rein to design the garden however he likes, provided he abides by any applicable co-ownership regulations. The apartment is more valuable because of the garden, but it is also more likely to be broken into because of its ground-floor location. This criterion, the significance of which varies by industry, should be taken into account during bargaining. As the garden may have been illegally attached to the apartment, the buyer should verify that the seller is the legal owner of the space. The title deed is the only document that can prove the seller is the legal owner of the tiny park.

“Apartments on the ground floor, preferably with a private garden, can stand in for a house”.

An oasis of greenery in the middle of a concrete jungle

A small patch of greenery is a rarity in the heart of a big city or a historic district. Apartments with outdoor space, like a garden or terrace, are a hot commodity in some major cities, attracting the attention of prestige real estate firms. There are wealthy, dedicated garden lovers who join waiting lists in the hopes of one day owning the coveted property. The average person can't afford these exceptional apartments and will have to look elsewhere to fulfill their desire for a garden.