How to spend a good vacation near Luxembourg ?

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How to spend a good vacation near Luxembourg ?

The ups and downs of 2022 may have ruined your usual vacation plans. There are still ways to have a memorable vacation without breaking the bank. The options available to you as a resident of Luxembourg are vast. Is it better for you to travel to the region via Germany, Belgium or France? Below are some suggestions for finding the right vacation spot for you!

The history of Germany

You, Luxembourgers, are only about 40 kilometers away from Rome. Trier, a city in Germany, is home to many Roman ruins, including the Porta Nigra, baths and an amphitheater. A true historical artifact is at hand.

Germany still has some pleasant surprises in store for those looking for a less intense vacation or something to entertain the kids

The city of Merzig is only an hour away from Luxembourg, and it has much to offer that the whole family will never forget. Those who want to learn more about wolves and their unique culture can do so at the Werner Freund Wolf Park, located in this town. There is also the concept of "Gardens without Limits", which is sure to awaken your senses. The Losheim lake is not only an ideal place for swimming and water sports, but also offers many other attractions.

Finally, the Eifelpark in Gondorf is a fantastic place for children of all ages, with rides, animals and shows of all kinds.

Enjoy the natural environment of Belgium

If Germany is too far away, Belgium is a good alternative. In Durbuy, just over an hour away, you'll find the Adventure Valley theme park, which offers a wide range of activities suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds, including caving, tree climbing, laser games, escape rooms and more. If you visit Durbuy, you can also get lost in a corn maze. You can have endless fun in this 11-hectare theme park, where comedians and games and puzzles are the attractions.

In the Roche-en-Ardenne, you can take a leisurely stroll through the town's picturesque landscape, which is lulled by the sound of flowing water. The lyrical ruins of the feudal castle will offer you a restorative break and an opportunity to gain some height. If you haven't finished your walk yet, go to the Parc in Gibier, where you can enjoy the outdoors and meet a wide variety of animals. You will join the likes of Victor Hugo, Oscar Wilde and many others who found inspiration in this city.

France, home of the arts

In just two hours, you can enjoy the beauty of the Madine lake, not far from Luxembourg. Numerous water activities, such as scuba diving, boating and a visit to an aquapark, can be enjoyed simultaneously. But there are also many land-based activities, such as horseback riding, tree climbing and even a bird observatory.

Nancy, famous for its art new architecture, is a short distance away. Few other cities have so many buildings decorated in such an original and eye-catching way. Walking around Nancy in search of these works of art will certainly be a magical experience. In addition, the city is home to the Nancy School Museum, a former school that displays art new glassware. You can be swept away by vivid, moving and narrative objects that honor the memory of historical figures like Louis Majorelle and Emile Gallée.

If you still have an appetite for culture after visiting the Centre Pompidou in Paris, you can satisfy it in Metz, thanks to the Centre Pompidou branch.

Therefore, it is clear that a world tour is not necessary to have a satisfying vacation.