Garden furniture: all the 2023 novelties to embellish your outside

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Garden furniture: all the 2023 novelties to embellish your outside

The aesthetics of your new deck will be complemented by updating the outdoor furniture. It needs to be decorated with as much care as you would your living room, as it becomes more and more integrated with the home. That's why it's high time to stock up on new outdoor furniture that will make your balcony or patio much more inviting to spend time outdoors.

Outdoor furniture continues to grow for your comfort

Patio furniture has come a long way since the days when PVC was king. The world of patio sets looks like a must-see if you're caught up in it. Modern patio design goes beyond the traditional use of patio furniture by incorporating interior elements. With the advent of modern materials, textures, and colors, outdoor furniture is almost as good as indoor furniture.

Furniture that is both stylish and practical

The technological limitations of outdoor furniture are a reality. Because of their exposure to sunlight and other environmental factors, they must be extremely durable, putting the artistic component on the back burner. Providing products that combine aesthetics, material strength and color stability is a challenge for outdoor companies, but manufacturers are meeting it with tremendous technical and creative success.

The process of adapting to weather conditions

Humidity is a major problem for outdoor furniture. For example, metals such as aluminum and steel must be specially treated to prevent oxidation, which can deteriorate quickly if left unchecked. Canvas, another delicate material used for outdoor furniture, requires special treatment to resist mildew and sunlight to maintain its natural beauty over time. Although wood is a durable and trendy material, it has restrictions that did not exist with PVC. Wood that doesn't get damaged easily by moisture, such as teak, is your best choice because it will stay beautiful for a long time without requiring much maintenance.

The home's terrace serves as an outdoor room

The latest trend is to create seamless transitions between indoors and outdoors by designing and manufacturing furniture that can be used in both environments. The aesthetics of outdoor furniture are becoming increasingly important as people spend more and more time in the summer entertaining guests outside on the patio, which should be as attractive as the living room. It would be nice to be able to transfer specific design elements from one room to another. That's why manufacturers are expanding the outdoor seating selection to include more versatile pieces, such as armchairs, cushions and sofa ends. Wrap-around shapes are being used for chairs, with an emphasis on comfort, adaptability and support. Replace the old deck chairs with the modern meridian seats, complete with plush cushions, and get ready for the most delightful lazy hours of your life. Everything has been thought of to make the terrace as comfortable as the living room.

Decorative elements enhance the design of the terrace

The terrace continues to grow and expand. Furniture such as benches, pedestal tables, ottomans, rugs, cushions, lighting and knick-knacks highlight the transformation. Today, foreign vacations are more popular than ever, and this trend is reflected in the garden's color palette and choice of materials, both influenced by exotic locales. Printed fabrics, basketry and decorative pillows that evoke an exotic mood are all the rage right now. Shades of brown, terracotta, pink and coral radiate warmth in the sun.