Finding a good roommate: what to do ?

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Finding a good roommate: what to do ?

Having roommates is an attractive option for many people. It's a cost-effective strategy for filling a spacious apartment with people. And who among us hasn't wished our lives were like that of one of the characters on Friends? So many of our most beloved protagonists have also been blessed with fantastic roommates. However, having a roommate in the real world isn't always easy and may not turn out the way you hoped. To help you find that much needed roommate, here are some tips.

Picking your dorm mates

Finding people that are similar to yourself is essential if you want to have the kind of lively, joyful, and memorable roommate experience that you would remember fondly. Find a roommate (or roommates) who are a good fit for you in terms of lifestyle preferences (close or distant living, smoking, guests, parties, work, a mixed roommate). There are so many issues where consensus is required. If you're looking for roommates, it's important to ask yourself the following questions first, and then schedule a meeting with potential candidates to determine if you're a good fit for each other. Don't just focus on how you appear. Even if you and your roommate are from completely different cultures, you can still get along well. Pay attention to what they have to say and how they respond to your questions.

Consider the costs and constraints imposed by rules

The solidarity clause, payment terms, and security deposit are all crucial to a problem-free roommate situation. There are still a number of factors to consider, such as homeowner's insurance, which has two options. In order to protect yourself and your belongings without impacting your roommates, you can get home insurance coverage under your own name. If the unit is rented using individual leases, this is feasible. However, if a master lease is signed for the entire co-housing complex, then just one home insurance coverage needs to be purchased. Only one resident signs, but all of the names are listed. Prioritizing each person's portion by calculating and allocating it is a good idea. Internet, cable, energy, water, and other utilities are only some of the many extra costs that must be calculated. Last but not least, you must account for these expenses in your budget and reach a consensus with the other residents.

Having a roommate is like having a life coach

Is work assigned on a rota basis? Do you typically eat together or run errands together? Do you each have your own closet, or do you have to share? Discuss this and see if you can come up with some ground rules to follow. An additional option is to create a calendar or chart. Once you begin sharing a home, these guidelines can change as needed. The closer you are, the more comfortable you should feel switching them around. Develop new ones and make some of the old ones obsolete. However, keep these in mind. However, take cautious not to become overly rigorous with these standards or with the routines of others. Sharing housing with others requires a flexible attitude.

Don't pry or harass

Protecting the intimacy you share with your roommate is like caring for a rare and delicate bird. Don't pry too much. The pace of life may slow down on its own, but there's always the danger of assuming that since you're roommates, you have to share everything. Figure out how to give people their personal space and time. Just like you, I need breaks from time to time. Make your room into a sanctuary where you may retreat from the outside world. You can provide attention to the interior design of your space. You'll be able to settle in with your roommate, rediscover who you are, and live a happier life as a result.

Break the ice while you still can during your roommate stint

Effective communication is one of your most potent tools in a shared living situation. You must be able to maintain a level of composure while maintaining a regular schedule of positive, regular communication. Rather than letting tensions build up, it's best to address issues head-on in a calm dialogue well in advance. This will allow any potential problems to be avoided or resolved early on, limiting the potential harm to relationships. There is the option of setting up conferences to talk about problems, potential answers, and positive developments.

Last but not least, each roommate has its own personality and method of operation. You shouldn't be scared to give potential roommates a chance, even if you worry that you might end up with a bad match. You will have a wonderful time even if your roommate turns out to be a dud. If you discover the ideal roommate, you'll be sad to have to give up the opportunity to star in your own comedy.