Rental properties in Luxembourg: find your perfect home!

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Rental properties in Luxembourg: find your perfect home!

Finding a suitable rental property in Luxembourg can be challenging, as the market is competitive and the supply is limited. In this setting, landlords can confidently sign a lease with tenants who provide the best guarantees... However, apartment hunting can quickly become a nightmare for those in the market. Here are some quick fixes to get you out of that rut and into your dream apartment.

Make use of property search alerts

It makes sense to use a real estate portal, where you can browse through numerous rental ads and find the one that best suits your needs.

However, if you want to save time, it's best to conduct searches based on your own criteria. This will ensure that the website only displays properties that are suitable for your needs in terms of price, square footage, amenities, number of rooms, and so on.

“Prioritize searches that meet your specific criteria to speed up your research”.

Finally, set up alerts to be notified as soon as possible whenever an ad likely to interest you is posted online (always with your search criteria). This way, you can get in touch with the lessor right when the ad goes live by receiving an email or notification.

Away to the pitch!

Put down the computer and start exploring the area you'll soon call home. To find a rental that suits your needs, you should knock on the doors of real estate agencies and explain what you're looking for. Of course, to increase your chances of finding the hidden gem, you should check out as many local agencies as possible.

Planning ahead for this day will help you make the most of your time if you don't already live in the city. Plan ahead and visit frequently. Focus on the frequency of your visits, make an effort to establish a rapport with the landlord, win his trust, and show some initiative by introducing yourself; this will help you stand out from the crowd of other potential tenants interested in the same rental.

"Since you may have to contend with other suitors for each rental, wager on the number of visits."

Please bring all necessary paperwork to the appointment

A rental application packet typically contains the following documents: a government-issued photo ID, a tax notice, pay stubs from the previous months, an employment contract, and other financial evidence. Make multiple copies of everything that could help your application right away, including scans and photocopies: a guaranteed job with benefits, a regular paycheck, the support of your parents, etc (if you are still young and they agree to act as guarantors).

You should probably skip the people who show up to the visit without their file and go straight to the people who have everything they need because that will save the owner time. Having a digital version also facilitates communication across personas; for example, if you're meeting with someone who doesn't want to lug around a stack of paperwork, you can respond by suggesting that everything be sent over email right away.

Last but not least, give yourself the best possible shot at finding a rental in Luxembourg by narrowing your search and taking the initiative to contact an agency, making sure to present a thorough file for each potential dwelling. A real estate agent is there to help you from the moment you start looking for a home until the day you move in.