Essential protection with shutters and blinds!

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Essential protection with shutters and blinds!

Shades and drapes not only add to the visual appeal of a structure, but also increase the comfort of the space. Which tools provide the highest level of safety and convenience for your everyday life? Let's sidetrack for a second and check out what the exterior joinery section has to offer.

Shutters can be hinged or rolling, depending on your preferences

Resistance is greatly reduced by hinged shutters

The most common type of shutter, hinged shutters are also the most basic and durable. They can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of local zoning ordinances while also giving the home's exterior a much-needed boost in personality. All these features help the shutters compete with roller shutters, which are generally regarded as more functional. PVC, aluminum, and wood all have their own unique aesthetics and price points, so it's possible to find the perfect model no matter what your priorities are. Steel is a more secure material in the event of a break-in.

While roller shutters are generally regarded as more convenient, "all these qualities make casement shutters stand up well against competition from roller shutters."

The most functional window treatment is roller shutters

When compared to their swinging counterparts, roller shutters are preferred because their operation can be handled from the comfort of the home's interior. They can be motorized for even more ease of use. Because they are motorized, shutters can be controlled via home automation systems and set to open and close at predetermined times. Those who are particularly interested in technology will be captivated by the prospect of linking their set-up. One factor in picking window coverings is whether or not they can be operated via an app on the user's smartphone.

"Motorization paves the way for the implementation of home automation, which in turn permits the programming of the opening and closing times of the shutters."

Blinds are used to block the sun's rays

Incredibly easy to use, the projection awning

The projection awning is as straightforward as they come, whether you need to shade your home's windows or the railing on your city apartment. It blocks the sun's harmful rays without dimming the room's illumination. Fabric encases a steel tube in this straightforward system. Two side arms can extend it to an angle of 180 degrees. Because it doesn't require a box, the awning is portable, lightweight, simple to set up, and straightforward to fix if anything goes wrong.

With these features, it can replace an awning in any setting where the latter would be impractical to set up. The finishing touch is a valance, which can be used to add a touch of flair and make the space feel more like your own. It can be operated either manually or electrically, and a timer can be added so that it goes off at predetermined intervals. In its networked iteration, it can be controlled remotely, weather-dependently, via an app on a smartphone.

“In situations where it would be impossible to install an awning, its adaptability and versatility make for a viable alternative”.

The awning, ideal for the patio or deck

Awnings are typically reserved for outdoor spaces like patios and decks. Designed to shield you from the sun or light rain, it consists of a large canvas that can be extended with the help of flexible arms. You can turn a handle or plug in an electric motor to power it. The awning can have either a full box, which completely seals it off from the elements when it is folded, or a half box, which leaves the arms and sides of the fabric open to the elements but allows for easy access for repairs and adjustments. The monobloc awning is the cheapest option and does not require a box. Since it is not weatherproof, it should be installed in a protected area, such as a roof overhang or sheltered wall.