Color trend 2022: enhance your interior with classic blue!

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Color trend 2022: enhance your interior with classic blue!

In 2022, "classic blue" will be the color of choice for interior designers. It fits any space, from living room to bedroom to office, and can be used to great effect with simple adjustments in the placement of beautiful textiles and accent pieces.

Tips for decorating with the color of the year

Decorating your living space with the color of the year is a surefire way to stay current. You can paint your living room "classic blue" in 2022, as this color promotes calm, confidence and a sense of well-being.

No need to rip out the carpet and paint the walls right away. You don't need to completely redesign your living room to accommodate the new style. You can, for example, replace your couch cover with a new one more in keeping with this blue design, or get new dining chairs and a tablecloth.

Whenever possible, opt for neutral colors for your walls and floor to reduce the amount of maintenance you'll need to undertake often (especially since you can quickly grow tired of the original colors).

By not compromising on your core beliefs, you can easily adapt your decor to each new season by adjusting the less permanent elements.

Some decorating ideas with classic blue

Adding a few decorative elements won't be enough to satisfy your desire to completely redecorate your home in 2022 to reflect this incredibly trendy color. A beautiful "classic blue" can be experienced more deeply by purchasing a rug in the same tones, updating your curtains, and perhaps even repainting a small portion of a wall without redecorating the entire room in order to maintain a comfortable level of light (be careful not to darken the spaces too much).

If you want to avoid the "monochrome" trap, it's important to find complementary shades to the classic blue. Incorporating even a small amount of golden yellow into your design can make a huge difference. You can play with shades without fear of offending anyone's palate by using silver or white as an alternative.

Should you use the classic blue color to rent or sell real estate?

You may be wondering if this kind of data is helpful in attracting potential tenants or buyers to your apartment. Do you think it's a good idea to follow the current interior design trends to add value to your home? Even if you're not trying to make a sale, playing up the initial measurements of "Classic Blue" can help convince visitors to your space.

Because even though "Classic Blue" won't be the color of the year in 2023, it's a tone that can easily be matched to any decor, bringing a very satisfying tranquility to places like the living room, bedroom or office.