Echternach, a city of eternal beauty !

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Echternach, a city of eternal beauty !

Put yourself in Echternach's capable hands in the heart of a valley renowned for its natural beauty and vibrant cultural life. Learn about the many physical and intangible landmarks that point the way to a significant cultural past. Relax and let Echternach's past lull you to sleep.

Located in eastern Luxembourg, Echternach is both the name of the canton's largest city and the seat of the municipality that bears the same name. Located in the bend of the Sûre River, at the gateway to the Little Switzerland of Luxembourg, is the municipality of Echternach, which as of January 1, 2019, is home to 5,618 people across an area of 20,89 km2. Located in the Mullerthal, also known as "Little Switzerland," the city of Echternach is the country's oldest settlement. Set in a naturally wooded region and bounded by the river Sûre, the city of Echternach reveals its greatest strength and provides a remarkable place to call home.

A natural area that has been preserved for immediate exploration

Located on the outskirts of the Mullerthal region and surrounded by natural beauty, the cultural and historical hub of Echternach is the perfect jumping off point for a wide variety of hikes that are suitable for people of all experience levels. There are a variety of tours available, from guided to independent, and from trails to paths.

If you'd rather not go on a hike of this magnitude, the lake of Echternach is a pleasant place to take a stroll or give pedal boating a try.

Those who would rather pedal than walk can take advantage of the city of Echternach's many bike lanes that run parallel to the Sûre, while more daring riders can check out the area's Bike Park and mountain biking trails.

Recreational amenities in Echternach

There are numerous additional sports facilities available to residents of the city. There is a beach volleyball court, a shooting range, a bowling alley, a miniature golf course, a skate park, and an indoor swimming pool.

There are two public schools in Echternach, a primary and a classical, for the education of your children. Transport to and from school is also provided for younger students. One can also find a music school in Echternach, which serves as a regional hub for the study of music and dance.

Pride in one's cultural heritage

You will be thoroughly satisfied with Echternach's cultural offerings. The European Commission recognized Echternach as a "European destination of excellence" in 2008. Aside from its abbey and Whitsun dance procession (a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2010), the town of Echternach hosts an annual international music and jazz festival. The Trifolion, a cultural, tourist, and congress center right in the middle of town, is where the locals and visitors alike go to have a good time. This 5-story structure is perfect for any occasion, as it houses a concert hall that can set up to 700 people. Over the course of a year, it plays host to nearly 200 separate events.

The Roman Villa is just one example of the city of Echternach's rich history that has been carefully preserved to make it the oldest city in the country. This modest palace, located on the outskirts of town in the midst of vast agricultural lands, featured 70 or so rooms, water basins, marble veneers, mosaics, inner courtyards, and even underfloor heating.

Besides its historical attractions like the Abbey, former building of the Benedictine monks, and the city walls, Echternach also features shops, bistros, restaurants, and terraces, providing a different kind of entertainment.