What are the objectives of communal planning & urban development ?

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What are the objectives of communal planning & urban development ?

What do we mean by municipal planning? This communal planning and organization of the communal territory allows in general to take into account the particularities of the various parts of the communal territory and it is guided by the master plan of land use.

It includes the provisions and objectives of the RGD and makes mandatory the sectoral master plans and land use plans, while remaining consistent with the law of April 17, 2018 in relation to land use planning when we have such a measure shows necessary.

With regard to urban development, it is the set of objectives and approaches and other measures necessary to guide and direct the evolution of localities and cities taking into account their popular, ecological, economic, social, cultural, financial and spatial resources that create the general framework.

What are the objectives of communal planning & urban development?

Their missions or objectives are to guarantee the respect of the general interest by ensuring the population optimal living conditions by a harmonious development of all the communal territories.

The more detailed objectives are as follows:

  • an efficient use of land and space, both urban and agricultural, ensuring complementarity between economic, ecological and social objectives
  • harmonious development of urban and rural structures, including communication and service networks, and provision of structures in accordance with the objectives of general spatial planning
  • a careful use of energy, saving energy or rather using renewable energies.
  • development of urban and rural structures with a mix of capacity to improve the quality of life of populations and the urban quality of the locality.
  • the respect of the protection of the natural environment and the landscape in the pursuit of the objectives
  • the guarantee of public safety and hygiene.