What colors to choose for your kitchen in 2023?

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What colors to choose for your kitchen in 2023?

In today's modern kitchen, bold hues play a central role in design. Used for aesthetic or textural purposes, they can be found in elements such as furniture, appliances and accessories. Modern kitchen designers have taken into consideration those who want to radically change the style of the room by choosing unconventional hues and patterns.

Pink extends an invitation into the kitchen

There's no better way to defy the norm than by cooking with pink. This soft hue, which was once reserved for children's spaces, is now being applied everywhere. Pink could be a way to interpret the current trend of using contrasting colors on furniture. We get a soft feel while avoiding the girly look the hue is usually associated with by using it for the upper elements and mixing it with buff for the lower elements. As long as everyone can agree on the right amount of pink, it's a color like any other.

The color red will give you plenty of cooking juice to spare

Red isn't a brand new hue in the kitchen; it's been in style for a while now. Even though it's a bold and unusual hue, in 2019, it's taken hold and is on its way to becoming a new classic. You can see it on the walls and inside the furniture and electronics in the home.

The kitchen is brightened up by yellow

Even the dreariest of kitchens can feel like a tropical getaway when decorated with this bright color. In the kitchen, yellow is a versatile color. Lovers of clean aesthetics can pair it with gray, using the latter on the floor and the former on the furniture. They could match the alternating wall colors with the stainless steel hood and sink and chrome accessories.

Reappearance of the color orange

Since the late 1970s, orange has been largely neglected. In 2023, it is back in the kitchen, but this time it is used more subtly, by contact. It goes perfectly with black, which has been popular in the kitchen for a while. It is a powerful combination, ideal for interior design. White, perhaps limited to the countertop and other accents, could help brighten the space and keep it from becoming too oppressive.

A sigh of relief in a pastel shade of green

For a tranquil and rejuvenating atmosphere, opt for a pastel green color palette. It can be used with white or gray to enhance this feature. It's also a great complement to oak, which can be used for furniture if you wish. You can also go for the classic cameo effect by painting the walls dark green and the furniture light green.

Navy blue, inexorably sophisticated

Dark blue brings its exquisite tone to the 2023 kitchen and makes a statement as a new black, while being easier to use. Lighten it up by combining it with white, keeping the dark blue for the ceiling and white for the lower parts and worktop, and opting for a lighter blue for the walls. This is a departure from the conventional approach of matching furniture and walls in one color.

Black is becoming the norm for appliances

Once again this year, the color black is making its way into the kitchen, especially in appliances. The most common appliances in the kitchen are available in conventional white and stylish black. Black appliances such as ovens, cooktops, hoods, American refrigerators, wine cellars and microwaves can be found in most stores. They blend in unobtrusively with the rest of the trendy black kitchen furniture. White kitchen cabinets, subway tile backsplash and quartzite countertops complement all these appliances. Black can be as subtle or bold as your mood or taste demands.